After meeting with Wescott, Channel 4 tracked Addison down, who seemed genuinely thankful for the man who gave him his shoes on that cold Sunday morning.

"You do something good, something good will find you every time," Addison said with a smile. "Never fails. Promise you! Now it's gonna get tough, like it always does every winter."

If you have any odd jobs for which you could use Addison's help, you may call 904-444-2477 to reach or leave him a message. He said he doesn't want any handouts or any sympathy, just work.

Jacksonville man rewarded for good deed

Published On: Dec 23 2013 03:43:55 PM EST

A homeless man needed shoes when the weather in Jacksonville turned colder. A good Samaritan answered his call for help but had no idea he had also inspired a witness to this good deed to pay it forward.

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