A judge has told a Central Florida mother to stay away from her children after she was charged with child abuse and child neglect.

Vivian Vosburg, 30, was charged Friday with two counts of child abuse with bodily harm and four counts of child neglect, according to Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Officials said Vosburg beat a child with her fists in her home as several other children watched.

Sheriff Grady Judd said at a news conference Friday afternoon that one child in the home took a cellphone video of the beating and posted it on Facebook.

Judd says Vosburg is the stepmother of one of two girls charged with felony aggravated stalking earlier in the week. Officials say the girls bullied and harassed 14-year-old Rebecca Sedwick before she committed suicide.

Deputies said Vivian Vosburg's charges were not related to the arrest of her daughter, 14-year-old Guadalupe Shaw.