"It's very hard watching and reliving, and all the events that took place and seeing the evidence and the photos, and just listening to all the testimony, it was real grueling," Smith said.

"He took my mother, which is my first love, my sister, that was my best friend, my first niece, my twin nephews and my daughter," Monique Mitchell said. "I can never see any of those kids grow up. My mom can't see them anymore. He took everything from me."

Alcazar has also lost out on seeing his granddaughter, born on the day of the accident.

"We have to look at her every day and see the loss of those six people, and our heart goes out to them," said Tammy Masse, the mother of Alcazar's daughter.

It's a been a painful road for the Mitchells, who are so appreciative of the community's support.

"For feeling our pain and sharing in our pain, and I thank them for that," Bailey said.