The Florida Supreme Court is upholding a death sentence against a Jacksonville man convicted of killing his estranged wife at the Paradise Island apartments in August 2009.

A Duval County jury found Lesly Jean-Philippe guilty of first-degree murder in 2011.

The high court on Thursday rejected arguments that evidence -- including text messages from Jean-Philippe to his wife -- should not have been considered by the jury. The justices also rejected arguments that he did not deserve the death penalty.
Authorities say Jean-Philippe had been staying with family in Rhode Island, trying to clear his head, when he decided to return to Jacksonville to confront his wife, Elkie Jean-Philippe.

Prosecutors said the killer when to his  apartment of his estranged wife's sister -- where she was staying.  When they answered the door for who they thought was a pizza delivery man, Lesly Jean-Philippe forced his way in and struck the victim's sister on the head with a tire iron. Prosecutors said he then attacked his wife and killed her.

Medical examiners found a total of 52 cuts on the wife's body.