SAN DIEGO, Calif. -

A class of kindergartners in California sent Christmas wish letters to Santa, but one 5-year-old girl's letter didn't quite make it to the North Pole.

However, he wish was still granted, thanks to help for one of Santa's newly recruited helpers.

Twenty-three red and green balloons were sent flying to the North Pole with the Christmas letters attached.

One card from a girl named Joie had a little trouble taking flight.

It wound up drifting into the path of a man on his way to work.

"I had to find this little girl because I don't know where this balloon came from," Californian Terry Hardin explained to a camera crew.

"I had no clue.  I had to find out."

Terry Hardin did eventually track Joie down and decided he couldn't let a girl miss out on Christmas because of a little delivery mess up.

He bought for her, every item on her list.

Terry was so touched by the Santa letter that landed in his path because of his mother's death just more than a year ago.

His mother's name was Joie -- spelled the same unique way the little girl he had just met, spells hers.

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