One of the two teens charged with murder in the death of a 13-month-old Brunswick toddler was back on the stand Thursday, but as a witness.

This time, 15-year-old Dominique Lang testified in front of the jury.

Lang was questioned Wednesday, but only before the judge, telling what he knows about the teen on trial of De’Marquise Elkins (pictured, below), 18, who’s accused of pulling the trigger and killing Antonio Santiago.

Lang has admitted to that, but he’s also admitted to giving different versions of what happened that day.

During his testimony Thursday, the state had Lang describe what led up to the shooting and then what happened afterward. It seemed from Lang's testimony that he did not know Elkins, and that they met randomly at the Glynn Villa Apartments.

Lang told the jury he was listening to his iPod at the time.

"He asked me do I know you?" Lang said. "I said you probably know my daddy people."

After they met, Lang said he started walking toward his uncle's home, but then ran into Elkins again on a nearby street.

"He asked me had I ever robbed somebody before?" Lang said. He said he told him no and they kept walking.

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Lang said Elkins asked him if he was Mexican.

"I faked laughed," Lang said. "He showed me he had a gun on his waist."

"He said, 'I thought you were Mexican. I was going to rob you,'" Lang said.

Lang then went on to describe how they walked toward London and Ellis streets and spotted Sherry West, Antonio's mother, and the baby.

"He walked up to her and asked her a question," Lang said.

"What did he ask her?" attorney Liberty Stewart asked.

"Give me your purse?" Lang said.

Lang said when West resisted, Elkins pulled out a gun and slapped her with it.

"And then he threatened the baby," Lang said. "He started counting down, like five, four, three. Then she stopped him."

Lang said Elkins shot at the ground, then shot West in the leg.

"Was there a third shot?" Stewart asked.