The NFL has agreed to pay $765 million in a settlement deal with thousands of former players. The players sued the league, accusing it of hiding the dangers of concussions.

NFL veteran and ex-Jaguar Lonnie Marts said while that money seems like a pretty large number, it’s probably not enough.

“Anything that messes with the mind, you can probably imagine. We’re talking things like dementia. We’re talking things that cause people to kill themselves, kill others. I don’t know how much money you could put on that,” said Marts.

As a former linebacker, Marts said he knew too many players with concussions. Marts also said that as much as the NFL wants to put this issue behind them, it’s not going away.

“It’s something you deal with every day. When you look at how it can affect you, and when you don’t know the symptoms, there’s probably a lot of players who don’t know they have the symptoms, but it’s just part of what goes on with the NFL.

The NFL isn’t the only group worrying about concussion problems. Marts coaches high school football for Harvest Community School on the Southside and says the serious problem impacts players of all ages. 

Debbie Smith’s son is a freshman on the team.

“We actually had to sign a form, the state letting us know something like that can happen to them. It’s pretty frightening,” said Smith. 

Smith said the ongoing story about the NFL concussions has her worried. She always reminds her son to be as safe as possible.

“We’ve kind of talked about that, keep your head out of the way, duck down. Get your shoulders into it. It’s a little nerve wracking,” said Smith.