The Vega family was eventually compensated with a new suitcase and $500 travel voucher from JetBlue, but that was after a number of calls to a supervisor.

“They wait till you argue with them for days on end to say 'OK we'll replace that.'" Charlie said.

Tracy says you must stay on top of them.

"If you don't ask they are not going to offer it. You need to get names, times you talk to people, you need to get the dates you talk to people and you need to follow up,” she advised.

As we mentioned. Tracy and Charlie Vega claim they lost nearly $1,500 worth of items in their lost luggage. Sp how did JetBlue come up with the $110 amount? We're told nearly $1,000 worth of their items were not covered per their Contract of Carriage.  The other $500 were items the family purchased one year earlier, so JetBlue depreciated the value to $110.