"There were 6,970 domestic violence police reports in Jacksonville last year," said Siler. "If we have that many people calling the police, there are two or three times that number who are not calling us."

FDLE showed last year Duval County had the second highest number of domestic violence related murders, only behind Miami-Dade. There were 15 murders in Duval, seven in St. Johns and five in Clay County. 

Police are still investigating what happened at the Applebee's over the weekend -- why Sheridan snapped and decided to take his wife's life. It's something the Hubbard House hopes to put an end to.

"Sometimes a person can do all they can to keep themselves safe," said Siler. "They can take all the precautions they want and sometimes it just isn't enough."

The Applebee's where the incident happened remained closed. Contractors were installing new windows and doing various repairs.

Corporate spokesman Dan Smith told reporter Vic Micolucci that the company was working closely with police. He extended his deepest condolences toward the family of the woman killed.

In August, 2 people were shot and injured outside another Westside Applebee's, at 103rd Street and Blanding Boulevard. Police have not announced any arrests.

Police say a man asked for money, and the group of people gave him a couple dollars, but apparently he wanted more.

The restaurant closed at 2 a.m. but police say a group of people continued to hang out.  Officers say a man walked up to the group and asked for money. After being given $2, investigators say the man started to walk away, but then turned around and showed a pistol.

They say he then demanded the group's wallets and phones. The people in the group said they didn't have any more money, and one person in the group stood up. Police say that person was shot in the chest, and another person, still sitting on the bench, was shot in the chin.