Preventative medicine is your best strategy for long term health. However, regular screenings can only catch so much, unless perhaps your doctor is a “medical intuitive.” One man has received some national attention for his claims that he can diagnose your health problems by simply looking at you.

Gabby Rodriguez didn’t know what to expect when she called medical intuitive John Kortum.

“I saw him on Dr. Oz,” she said.

Kortum told her something was going on with her blood.

“I was able to take that and go back to my doctor and ask for some further testing,”  said Rodriguez.

Testing by her doctor revealed an autoimmune disease.

Kortum says much like how we know boiling water is hot without having to touch it—he perceives textured properties on the face, each are linked to an organ system.

“This biological language lives within you and it’s your body’s way of expressing imbalances,” explained Kortum, who developed the Kortum Health Assessment Technique.

Take a thyroid problem—Kortum perceives a sponge like texture on the cheeks.

For issues with the breasts, “I perceive a vertical texture,” Kortum explained.

After taking his course, Pamela Feikbeiner realized she had a left breast indicator. A biopsy by her doctor revealed, “the cancer that’s in the milk ducts itself,” Feikbeiner said.

We put Kortum's  technique to the test. Neysa Ricciardi has never met him.

“I am fascinated to see what he can come up with,” Ricciardi said.

“There’s a little bit of a hearing indication. It’s not bad,” Kortum explained after looking Ricciardi.

She says her ears have been ringing.

“You’ve got a mild liver indication,” Kortum continued.

The medical intuitive also picked up on a digestion problem.

“I have had severe reflux in the past,” Ricciardi admitted.

“I perceive a thyroid indication,” said Kortum.

Yes, Ricciardi does have hypothyroidism. The only thing Kortum missed?