Michael Dunn was found guilty Saturday evening of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and one count of firing into an occupied vehicle. But with the jury deadlocked on the first-degree murder charge, that count ended in a mistrial.

The jury reached the verdict after 30 hours of deliberations over four days after the trial of Dunn, who shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis while shooting into an SUV carrying four teenagers outside a Gate convenience store in a dispute over loud music.

Dunn showed no emotion as the verdicts were read.

Davis' parents each left the courtroom in tears, and afterward his mother, Lucia McBath, expressed gratitude for the verdict. Sunday would have been the teen's 19th birthday.

"It's been a long, long road, and we're so very happy to have just a little bit of closure," Lucia McBath, Davis' mother, said after the trial. "It's sad for Mr. Dunn that he will live the rest of his life in that sense of torment, and I will pray for him and I've asked my family to pray for him. But we are so grateful for the charges that have been brought against him. We are so grateful for the truth. We are so grateful that the jurors are able to understand the common sense of it all, and we will continue to stand, we will continue to wait for justice for Jordan."

Ron Davis, Jordan's father, said it's been about 450 days since he, McBath and their supporters have stood strong.

"I believe we've stood strong in the eyes of not only Jacksonville, not only Florida, not only the nation, but the world is looking at all of us here in Jacksonville," Davis said.

He said he has to hold in his inflammatory statements because he thinks his son deserves the best representation he could've gotten from his parents.

"It wasn't allowed to be said in the courtroom, but he was a good kid," Davis said. "There's a lot of good kids out there, a lot of good nephews, a lot of good grandsons, granddaughters, nieces, and they should have a voice that they shouldn't live in fear and walk around the streets worrying about if somebody has a problem with somebody else, that if they get shot it's just collateral damage."

Davis said Dunn will learn that he must be remorseful for the killing of his son.

"My son will never be just another day at the office where I can leave the scene and be stoic," Davis said.

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Earlier in the day, jurors said in a note to Judge Russell L. Healey that they were having trouble reaching agreement on the murder charge. He asked them to continue their work, and they went back to the deliberation room for two more hours.

"I've never seen a case where deliberations have gone on for this length of time ..." Healey said after the verdict. "They've embraced their civic duty and they are to be commended for that."

In a post-trial news conference, prosecutors said the attempted murder counts carry 20 to 30 years in prison each. The fifth count carries up to 15 years in prison. A sentencing hearing date is set for March 24.

Responding to criticism that she over-charged Dunn by accusing him of first-degree murder, State Attorney Angela Corey stands behind the decision to ask for first-degree murder.

"Ten times out of 10, when someone fires 10 shots into a car of unarmed teenagers, we will file first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder," Corey said. "As far as we're concerned we intend to retry him -- retry Michael Dunn. We fully intend to push for a trial right here in Jacksonville in Duval County, Fla."

Corey said she was proud of her office and prosecutors John Guy and Erin Wolfson, along with the investigation done by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in this case. She said her office is always dedicated to seeking justice for victims.

"Tomorrow would've been Jordan's 19th birthday," Corey said. "(His family) will spend that, I'm sure, wondering a little bit about this verdict, but as they told you, grateful for the justice that was served and the justice that is yet to be served."

Cory Strolla post-verdict news conference Defense attorney Cory Strolla also addressed the media after the verdicts were announced.

"We agree with Ron Davis on this point, there were no winners," he said. "Everyone lost something. Everyone will be grieving because of what happened here tonight."