Michael Dunn On Trial

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  • Michael Dunn's jail letters released

    Michael Dunn appears at pretrial hearing

    The State Attorney's Office has released two letters Michael Dunn wrote to his daughter last year, before his trial that ended with convictions on three counts of attempted second-degree murder and shooting into a vehicle, and a hung jury on the murder charge in the shooting death of Jordan Davis.

  • Michael Dunn appears at pretrial hearing

    Dunn in court as 2nd trial approaches

    Michael Dunn, the man accused of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music, was back in court Monday morning.

  • Unexpected turn for Marissa Alexander

    Marissa Alexander denied SYG hearing

    A motion for a second "stand your ground" hearing for Marissa Alexander has been denied, in a ruling made Friday by Judge James Daniel.

  • Michael Dunn retrial set for September

    The man accused of killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis during an argument over loud music will face a second murder trial in September.

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The Victim

Jordan Davis school picture
Jordan Davis was a 17-year-old student at Wolfson High School out with friends the evening after Thanksgiving 2012. He was in the back seat of a Dodge Durango SUV in the parking lot of the Gate station on Southside Boulevard at Baymeadows Road when he was shot and killed.
Davis was raised by his mother in Atlanta and homeschooled before moving to Jacksonville at age 15 to live with his father. He worked part time at Winn-Dixie and planned to join the military after graduation.

The Accused

JSO booking photo of Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn, 47, a software developer from Satellite Beach, Fla., had just left his son's wedding and stopped at the Gate station to let his girlfriend buy a bottle of wine. Police say Dunn argued with the boys in the car about the loud music they were playing when he pulled out a handgun and fired 10 shots.
Dunn told police he thought he saw the barrel of a gun in the SUV and he fired shots to defend himself. When his girlfriend got back in the car, they proceeded on to a hotel, then returned to Brevard County the next day.

The Jury

Ten women and six men are in the jury box for the trial. As deliberations begin, 12 will be designated voting members of the jury and four as alternates.
• Juror 1: White woman, works in retail
• Juror 2: Black woman, close to someone arrested, doesn't like guns
• Juror 3: White man, retired military
• Juror 4: White woman, her sister has felony arrest
• Juror 5: White man, retired with wife, two children
• Juror 6: White woman with adult son, gun owner
• Juror 7: Asian woman, former banker, victim of violent crime
• Juror 8: Black woman, single, her parents owned guns
• Juror 9: White man, married with three children
• Juror 10: White man, relative a lawyer
• Juror 11: Hispanic man, three children
• Juror 12: White woman, mother of two, banker
• Juror 13: White woman, divorced mother of two teens, gun owner
• Juror 14: Minority woman, doctor with three children
• Juror 15: Black woman, has firearms training
• Juror 16: White man, married with two adult children, gun owner

Images, Evidence In Case

Tommy Stornes in Gate

UNCUT: Gate store surveillance video

The jury on Thursday asked to see again the 22-minute video from inside the convenience store while Michael Dunn shot 10 times at the SUV with Jordan Davis inside.

Michael Dunn sworn in

Michael Dunn takes the stand

The one and only witness for the defense was the defendant: Michael Dunn.

Michael Dunn Monday testimony

Monday testimony in Dunn trial

Three prosecution witnesses before the state rested it's case, then a parade of character witnesses and family testified for Michael Dunn.

Dunn fiance testified

Saturday testimony in Dunn trial

The third day of testimony in Michael Dunn's murder trial took place Saturday at the request of the jury, which is sequestered until the case is complete.

Dunn trial day 2: Tommy Storns

Second day of witnesses in Dunn trial

The three friends of Jordan Davis who were in the SUV the night the 17-year-old was killed testified on Friday.

Strolla and Michael Dunn

AP photo by Bob Mack, pool

Inside the courtroom as testimony begins

Images of the people and events in the first day of testimony in the first-degree murder trial of Michael Dunn in the shooting death of Jordan Davis.

Jordan Davis and Michael Dunn

Photo timeline: Death of Jordan Davis; prosecution of Michael Dunn

At 7:40 p.m. the day after Thanksgiving 2012, the life of a 17-year-old Wolfson High School ended and a 45-year-old Brevard County man became a suspect in a homicide.  Fifteen months later, Michael Dunn was found guilty of four felonies, but not murder.

AUDIO: 911 calls report shooting at Gate station

The evening of Nov. 24, 2012, the JSO gets several calls reporting a shooting.

UNCUT: Michael Dunn interview

Police question Michael Dunn after he was picked up at his Brevard County home. (Warning: Contains offensive language)

Dunn's girlfriend police interview

UNCUT: Police interview Dunn's girlfriend

Two Jacksonville Sheriff's Office detectives spent an hour questioning Rhonda Rouer after her boyfriend, Michael Dunn, was arrested.

Bullet holes in SUV

JSO evidence photo

Evidence photos from Jordan Davis killing

JSO evidence technicians' images show an SUV riddled with bullets, the scene outside the Gate station and what was in the suspect's car.

UNCUT: Gate store survellience video

Twelve minutes of surveillance video inside Gate store: When Michael Dunn's girlfriend enters to several minutes after Jordan Davis was shot and killed.

Michael Dunn's letters from jail

To grandmother | To daughter | Unknown recipient (Warning: Letters contain strong language)


Trial Videos

Michael Dunn's letters from jail

Dunn letters

A personal exchange from behind bars: News4Jax has obtained letters Michael Dunn wrote months before his murder trial.

Retrial date set for Dunn

Retrial date set for Dunn trial

VIDEO: Michael Dunn back in court Monday morning to hear Judge Healey set September 22rd as the retrial date. In February Dunn was convicted of 3 counts of attempted murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle. The retrial…

Retrial date set for Michael Dunn

Retrial date set for Michael Dunn

VIDEO: Michael Dunn's retrial date set for September 22. In February Dunn was convicted of three counts of attempted murder and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle for the November 2012 shooting at a southside…

Push for Angela Corey's removal

Push for Angela Corey s removal

State attorney Angela Corey took some fire from protestors at city hall.

Motion to send Dunn to prison

Motion to send Dunn to prison

VIDEO: The state attorney wants Michael Dunn sentenced on three counts of attempted murder before he's retried for the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The concern is whatever he says in his sentencing could be used…

Stand your ground town hall

Stand your ground town hall

VIDEO: While others want to see the law go, a broad variety of perspectives came on Channel 4 to discussed the controversial law that has been at the center of so many high profile cases as of late.