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Israel targets Hamas Aug. 20

Strikes, counter strikes resume in Mideast

The depressing cycle of strikes and counter strikes between Israel and Hamas resumed as talks for a longer term truce fell apart.

Since the ceasefire crumbled Tuesday, militants in Gaza have fired about 70 rockets into Israel -- including 29 in 20…

James Foley in helmet

Courtesy Dan Shakal

ISIS claims it has beheaded American journalist

ISIS has released a video that it says shows the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley.

James Foley CNN

James Foley remembered as 'brave' journalist

For James Foley's family and friends, a purported ISIS recording was the answer they hoped they'd never hear to their questions about his disappearance.

Gaza airstrike


Israel, Hamas ceasefire breaks down

An Israeli delegation has been ordered home from talks in Cairo aimed at ending the conflict in Gaza, a senior Israeli official said Tuesday, shortly after the Israeli military blamed militants in Gaza for breaking a truce.

Palestinian negotiators…

Mosul Dam

U.S. airstrikes critical in Mosul Dam capture

U.S. airstrikes helped Kurdish and Iraqi forces take control of Mosul Dam on Monday, fighting back ISIS militants who had seized the dam, President Obama told reporters.

The stakes were huge for the millions of Iraqis who live downstream from the…

Chemicals Syria

Khaled al-Hariri/ Reuters

Syria's chemical weapons neutralized

Syria's most dangerous chemical weapons have been destroyed at sea, almost a year after nerve gas killed 1,000 people, including children, in a Damascus suburb, Secretary of State John Kerry said in statement Monday.

Israel PM meeting

Gaza cease-fire extended 24 hours

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have agreed to extend the current Gaza cease-fire by 24 hours, Gamal Shobky, the Palestinian Authority ambassador to Egypt, said Monday.

An Israeli government official confirmed the extension to CNN. The…

Israel Gaza West Bank


Palestinian, Israeli delegations in Cairo

Palestinian and Israeli delegations have returned to Cairo for indirect talks a day before the cease-fire is due to end.

Yazidi refugees


Yazidi refugees braced for life in exile

They are the faces of an entire community on the run. Singled out, threatened, chased at gunpoint from their homes. Pursued purely because they are members of an ethnic and religious minority.

ISIL fighter, Mosul


U.S. strikes ISIS targets near key Iraqi dam

Kurdish forces fired mortars and explosives at extremist militants Sunday as the battle to retake a strategic dam in northern Iraq raged on.

Smoke rose from the horizon, buildings were ablaze and the sound of massive explosions filled the air near…


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