A Miramar police officer was arrested Thursday after an investigation that spawned from the department receiving a complaint.

Antonio Hester, who has been employed by the department since April 2006, was arrested on a warrant for offenses that include petit theft, falsifying records and official misconduct.

According to a police report, Hester and another officer were conducting a grand theft investigation at a Walgreens located at 2499 Southwest 101 Ave. in Miramar that led them to pull over three women who were alleged to be the thieves at the store.

Police said Hester confiscated numerous items that belonged to Walgreens and liquor that belonged to another business. However, after returning Walgreens' items, police said Hester never completed a property receipt stating that he had returned two bottles of liquor to the store in which they were stolen from, nor did he place the bottles into property and evidence.

Hester has been placed on administrative leave while the matter is being investigated.