To avoid this scam, be suspicious of unsolicited job offers -- most employers won't come looking for you. Also, never give out personal information before you're officially hired. Be sure to investigate your potential employer before you even apply. Sometimes, a simple internet search of the company name will give you a heads up that a certain company has been the target of complaints in the past.

Beware some door-to-door sales

Summer is also a popular time for door-to-door sales people to start knocking on your door. While many are legitimate, have your alert on high when they stop by.

Smart consumers should never purchase bigger items or services just because someone passes through their neighborhood.

"Unless you are in the market for what they're trying to sell you, tell them, 'Thank you and have a great day,'" Duquesnel said.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Don't answer the door at all if you're home alone. True scam artists might work in pairs, one to distract you at the front door, while another enters the home in back and steals your belongings.
  • Ask to see a door-to-door sales license to determine if they're legitimate.
  • If someone is pitching you an expensive product or service, be sure to get two more estimates. If you do your homework, and you still like the price and the product, at least you're making an informed decision.
  • If you have any second thoughts: "Any time a salesperson comes into your house and sells you something, you have three days to change your mind. That's three business days," Duquesnel said.
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