Do you really know what your child is doing online? Social media? What are they saying, what are their friends saying?

More than 95 percent of teenagers in the U.S have access to the Internet.

About 78 percent of them have a cellphone and are actively sharing everything from selfies to status updates on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

According to TeenSafe, Instagram is now the No. 1 social network among teens.

About 90 percent admit to using their phones for non-educational reasons at school.

More than 50 percent admit to being bullied online or knowing someone who has been cyber-bullied.

Only one out of six parents knows their child has been bullied via a social networking site.

There is a service offered by a company called TeenSafe that says it can help.

It allows you to view text messages and deleted messages, monitor your teen's phone location and review what your child is web browsing, bookmarking and his/her search history.

You can also monitor his/her contacts and call logs.

It works for both iPhone and Android devices.

There is a free seven-day trial period. After that it's $14.95.

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