Jose Baez defending Johnson

VIDEO: Attorney Jose Baez will now be Deandre Johnson's defense after a surveillance video was released showing the football player striking a woman at a bar.

2 arrested near FLETC

VIDEO: Police say they spotted 22-year-old Taylor Brooks and 19-year-old Cassandra Mullis in a stolen car in Brunswick and tried making contact with them. The two took off running and one jumped the fence at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Discover 3 secret places inside Disneyland

CNN Money got exclusive access to some secret places inside Disneyland usually off limits to the general public.

Kidney stones in summer

Dr. Ivan Porter of the Mayo Clinic joins us discussing how the summer heat can contribute to kidney stones, and how you can avoid them.

Widower gets sentimental $1 bill back as change

A Connecticut man loses the dollar bill his late wife signed for him, then months later gets the sentimental bill back when his granddaughter received change for her order at a sandwich shop.

Local teen killed by accidental electrocution

VIDEO: Friends and Family of Kayla White are mourning the loss of the 14-year-old who died tragically after being electrocuted. A vigil was held to remember their loved one after the terrible accident.

De'Andre Johnson dismissed

FSU's quarterback and First Coast High School alumni quarterback De'Andre Johnson has been dismissed from the Seminoles after surveillance video appears to be showing him striking a woman in a bar.

Stolen car hits and kills Orange Park teen

An Orange Park teen is in the fight of his young life, after investigators say he was hit by a stolen car, and left in the middle of the road. We're learning more about the man troopers have charged, in the crash.

Family mourns loved ones death

Family, friends and neighbors are mourning the death of a 14-year-old girl in Sterling, Georgia. Kayla White was electrocuted in her backyard.

De'Andre Johnson pastor speaks

VIDEO: Following a dismissal from the FSU football team, the clergyman who ministered De'Andre Johnson says he's spoken with the young man who is sorry for what happened.

Pregnant woman shot in face

VIDEO: An 18-year-old pregnant woman was shot in the face during what is believed to be a drive-by shooting in Arlington, but neighbors believe she is alright and the baby will be fine as well.

Watch: Images from F-16 collision

Watch images of responders at the scene of a plane crash in South Carolina.

Woman saved from burning house

VIDEO: A St. Johns County woman is thankful after two maintenance workers rush into her burning house Tuesday morning to save her. She is now recovering at the burn unit at UF Health Hospital in Gainesville.

Gas prices may see $2

Iran is nearing historic deal that may plummet gas prices. Disney pension may end. Plus, AT&T is pushing for DirectTV merger.

Mile Point Harbor improvement project underway

VIDEO: Governor Rick Scott announces the Mile Point Harbor improvement project at Jaxport is underway making way for larger ships to travel the channel more effectively.

Battling high blood pressure

One in every 3 adults deals with blood pressure, which can lead to more complications. Dr. Asa tells 3 ways to help prevent high blood pressure.

Unique Navy cargo ship stops at Mayport

A unique Navy ship is making a stop in Mayport before heading for deployment. It's a high speed, light weight ship that can reach speeds of 40 knots to move tons of military cargo quickly.

Body found ID'd as missing Baker Co. woman

VIDEO: Investigators confirm the body found Friday in Lake City as missing Sharon Jackson from Baker County.

Family of Hot Dog Man seeks his friends

The family of a well-known hot dog vendor, who died in a traffic accident last month, is preparing to memorialize the 56 year old---but they're having a hard time locating the people whose lives he touched.


Roller figure skaters ready to roll at Pan Am Games

Mash together roller skating and figure skating and you've got a sport that many people know nothing about. Nonetheless, roller figure skaters will be going for the gold at the Pan Am Games in Toronto.

Woman dies after tree limb falls on her

VIDEO: Investigators say 26-year-old Briana Giunta was in Poe Springs Park in Alachua County when a tree limb fell on her. She later died at the hospital from her injuries.

FSU QB charged and suspended for bar punch

This punch at a bar in Tallahassee has an FSU Quarterback facing charges and a suspension from the team.

The Pattern Continues...

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms with highs in the low 90s inland, upper 80s to low 90s beaches.

'Girls' XXX Parody

Lena Dunham isn't happy with the show's new porn parody.

Residents say Northside neighborhood needs more fire hydrants

The State Fire Marshal is investigating what caused a fire to rip through a Northside home. Neighbors say they're glad no one was hurt -- but they believe there need to be more fire hydrants in the area.

Family heartbroken

VIDEO: The family of 5-year-old Jaylon Rippy are devastated after she was killed by a leaping sturgeon. Her mother and brother were also injured when the sturgeon jumped from the water while the family was riding in their boat.

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