Public employees linked to Ashley Madison

VIDEO: In addition to a local judge who admitted to logging onto the adulterous website Ashley Madison, News4Jax has uncovered the names of other public employees who also signed up for the site.

Professor and student arrest in sting

VIDEO: Of the 21 men arrest in an undercover sex sting in Gainesville, two were linked to Sante Fe College. Many of those arrested in Operation Panther are still in jail with bonds ranging from $75,000 to $300,000.

JSO veteran charged with helping elude son's capture

VIDEO: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says a 15-year veteran of JSO, Betty Maynor Pearson, is accused of apparently trying to help her son, Antoine Pearson Jr., 20, elude capture on a drug trafficking warrant.

Man snubs Rahm Emanuel handshake

A man at a budget hearing snubs Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s handshake offer.


Obama gets squirted by fish

During his historic trip to Alaska, President Barack Obama spent some time fishing at Kanakanak Beach in Dillingham and in a comical moment, a salmon spawned on his shoes.

Bill proposed to protect those who save dogs from cars

Right now if you walk through a parking lot and you see an animal locked in a hot car, there's not a lot you can do. But a new law that's being proposed in Florida would allow you to break in.

Suits for soldiers

VIDEO: Brooks Brothers joined forces with Dignity U Wear to allow military veterans to shop for new suits in a program called "Suits for Soldiers." The veterans were honored in a reception held tonight in addition to receiving their brand new suit.

WFSB/ via Newsource

Beluga whale photobombs Conn. governor

A baby beluga whale photobombed Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy during a news conference at an aquarium on Wednesday.

Prevent unlawful entry through garage doors

Six seconds: That's how little time it can take for crooks to break into your garage. And they don't need any fancy tools either; they can do it with a plain old wire hangar.

UNF student arrested for gun

VIDEO: A UNF freshman was arrested after campus police found a gun in his dorm room which violates state law. The incident report says police were investigating the 18-year-old after he had been "pounding" on his ex-girlfriend's door in the same building.

Teen charged in killing mother

VIDEO: A local family counselor and psychologist sheds some light on the recent arrest of 14-year-old Mitchell Daughtry. The teen is charged with the stabbing and killing of his mother.

Tick danger in autumn

Nikki has more on steps you can take to avoid tick bites and getting sick.

Old City Life Magazine

Ken Yarbrough and Lura Readle Scarpitti of Old City Life Magazine are in the studio with info about the St. Augustine 450th anniversary and the history of the city.

Customer stops attempted robber

VIDEO: One man's heroic act saves a cashier at a Walgreen's on the Westside. The customer, Brian Cooper, reacted quickly when a man walked into the store claiming to have a gun.

Operation eastbound and down

VIDEO: Investigators say a massive drug bust has taken $1.5 million of cocaine off the streets. Several arrests were involved in the drug bust including a veteran police officer facing charges.

Parking, hotels for 450th celebration

VIDEO: A look at the preparations, hotels and parking options for those heading to St. Augustine for the 450th celebration.

Coast Guard prepares for holiday weekend

VIDEO: The Coast Guard says Labor Day weekend will be its busiest time of the year when responding to boating emergencies. Officers in the Coast Guard talk about boating safety.

Ebron's ex-girlfriend speaks out

VIDEO: The mother to three of Ruben Ebron's children is breaking her silence about Ebron and the investigation into missing 21-month-old Lonzie Barton.

St. Augustine 450th preparations

VIDEO: Local businesses are hoping the crowds being drawn by the St. Augustine 450th celebration will bring more cash flow to what normally would be a slow time of year.

Surveillance video of sex sting arrest

Surveillance video captures the arrests of five men who were caught by the Gainesville Police Department as part of "Operation Panther," an underage sex sting operation. 


JSO: 2 drug trafficking operations busted

VIDEO: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announces a major drug trafficking ring busted in a sting dubbed Operation Eastbound and Down.

Cold case task force proposed

15,,000 unsolved murders in Florida since 1990. That's why one local lawmaker says he filed legislation to create a task force.

Coach speaks about football fight

VIDEO: Fletcher High School assistant football coach Jeff McCrone is speaking out about allegations he kicked another player during the Saturday game against Sandalwood.

Protecting good Samaritans

Two bills are in the works that will protect those who take action to save children and pets in hot cars.

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