Semi rear-ends school bus

VIDEO: Witnesses say the semi's driver appeared as though they never hit the brakes before it slammed into a school bus Monday afternoon in Lawtey. Florida Highway Patrol says 10 people were transported to local area hospitals.

How to defeat loose laces

How to defeat loose laces.

Defense calls witnesses to the stand

VIDEO: Day 4 of the retrial for Michael Dunn brought the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Jordan Davis and the first of defense witnesses.

Freelance writer summoned to court

Richard David Smith III was surprised to get a knock on his door from a Jacksonville police officer who escorted him to the trial this morning.

Fall for all

We've got fall fashion from Tinka's Closet.

Bus crash witness speaks

Shock and fear among some Starke Elementary School students when a semi truck rear-ended their school bus Monday afternoon.

UNCUT: Pathologist Stacey Simons

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Jordan Davis was the state's final witness and spent more than an hour on the stand talking about his wounds and bullet trajectories. 

18 year-old man pulled from pond in Fruit Cove

Jahvaun Carriere was pulled from a pond in Fruit Cove after loosing control of his vehicle.

Residents dealing with massive flooding

VIDEO: A heavy down poor of rain this afternoon flooded streets in San Marco and Riverside as some resident couldn't access their homes and others got their cars stuck in the street.

Woman claims attacker followed her

VIDEO: A campus wide alert was sent out to students at the University of Florida warning that another possible encounter of the sexual assault suspect was sighted on campus. This after a woman claims a man stalked her after she left a party.

School bus rear ended

VIDEO: More than a dozen elementary school students were on a bus when it was rear ended by a truck. Some students and the driver and passenger of the truck were taken to the hospital.

Bicyclist hit by car

VIDEO: Doctors are trying to save a person's life after a bicyclist was hit by a car in St. Augustine.

Defense begins calling witnesses

VIDEO: As day four of Michael Dunn's retrial wrapped up, the defense began calling witnesses including crime scene reconstruction expert, Michael Knox, who said he believes Jordan Davis's door was open at the time of the shooting.

Medical examiner takes the stand in Dunn retrial

VIDEO: Day 4 of the retrial for Michael Dunn brings the final witnesses to the stand for the State, including former deputy medical examiner Dr. Stacey Simons who performed the autopsy on Jordan Davis.

Dunn's ex-fiance takes the stand; juror dismissed

Dunn's ex-fiance testifies in the retrial, and an analysis of the juror who was removed.

Wet Monday forecast

Local flooding possible as another 1 to 3 inches of rain are expected today.

Robbery at McDonald's

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a Baymeadows McDonald's.

McDonald's Robbed

Police still don't have any information on who robbed the McDonald's on Baymeadows Road.

War on ISIS missions

Missions are helping to increase U.S. capacity to target ISIS.

Baymeadows McDonald's robbed

A neighborhood crime alert in the Baymeadows area: police say two men forced their way into a McDonald's and robbed three employees at gunpoint. It's an area of town that's had other high profile holds-up in recent years.

Dunn trial day 4 preview

VIDEO: The fourth day of the Michael Dunn trial starts tomorrow at 9:am and as one local attorney shares Michael Dunn should take the stand and explain why he waited so long to tell his fiancee he shot someone at the gas station.

Ancient sport comes to Jacksonville

Chinese Dragon boat racing has been around for thousands of years and is now making its way to Jacksonville for breast cancer awareness.

Melanie and baby Layah

Melanie stops by and introduces us to baby Layah.

Michael Dunn retrial

Testimony continues today in the retrial of Michael Dunn.

Area doctors seeing cases of stomach flu

Tips on how you can treat the symptoms of that nasty stomach flu.

Juror dismissed in Dunn retrial

VIDEO: Juror number four was dismissed from court and according to court documents, attorneys stated that the juror made "a very derogatory comment" about State Attorney Angela Corey.

Library still under repair

VIDEO: The Downtown Jacksonville Library has leaks that are still being repaired; the new cost for the repairs is 1.4 million dollars and they have still not released a completion date for repairs.

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