ESPN reporter berates tow company employee

ESPN reporter Britt McHenry apologizes after angry rant toward tow company employee goes viral. The sports network McHenry for one week.

Investigators search for arsonist

Two homes were burned within a block of each other in the Arco neighborhood of Brunswick. Investigators are calling it arson.

Imported imposters close bar and grill for a night

In this week's restaurant report card a Westside bar and grill had to shut its doors for a night due to roaches. Melanie Lawson got the general manager's take on the inspectors discovery.


NASA develops its own car of the future

NASA unveiled its new fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles Wednesday. One vehicle, the Modular Robotic Vehicle, gives newer self-driving cars from Google, Audi, Mercedes and Nissan a run for their money.

Father killed in Buckman Bridge crash

VIDEO: A 29-year-old husband and father died in a crash on the Buckman Bridge when a car hit is motor scooter from behind. The family is mourning the loss of their loved one and the driver's attorney says she will cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation.

Rookies of the ROAR

VIDEO: Auditions for the 2015-2016 season of the ROAR have wrapped and some of the rookies join News4Jax.

Hospital funding fight

VIDEO: UF Health has been caught in a battle over the funding of Florida hospitals and the CEO of UF Health is now saying it could leave the hospital in a 95 million dollar budge hole which could cause the hospital to close.


Wilma the feral pig bonds with polo ponies

Wilma is a feral pig who calls the Hawaii Polo Club in Molukeia on Oahu, home. Frank Hinshaw, aka ‘The Pig Whisperer,’ owns Skydive Hawaii across the street and thinks he knows how Wilma bonded with the herd. ‘She was in a family of half-dozen or eight piglets. She was the only one who has the sense to come over to this side of the road, I guess.’

WIVB, YouTube

Video of cop in bike lane for pizza goes viral

Cyclists in Buffalo, New York, want answers after video of a police officer double-parked in a bike lane has gone viral online. The YouTube video shows the officer appearing to be double parked in a bike lane while holding a pizza box.

Juicers for healthy drinks

VIDEO: Consumer Reports tested dozens of juicers to see which ones were worth trying.

Tom Larson/CNN

Sofia Vergara's ex sues over embryos

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancé is reportedly suing for custody of embryos the couple created at a fertility clinic.

KPIX,, Capitol Records

Barber brings haircut to new level

Derek Hernandez, who works at Ajja’s Barber Shop on Antioch, California, can create almost anything using just his eyes and electric clippers.

Refrigerator pricing mistake

VIDEO: One Jacksonville couple is upset with Lowe's after a price tag was mis-marked for $298; Lowe's said it was a technical inaccuracy and offered the couple a discount that was not taken.

New video of mailman’s Capitol gyrocopter flight

A Florida mailman's gyrocopter flight to the U.S. Capitol landed him in court Thursday.

Jacksonville's infrastructure issues

VIDEO: A three foot by four foot hole opened up in the concrete in the southbound lane of the Myrtle Ave viaduct today just before rush hour. Construction workers repaired the hole, but a local congresswoman says it's time to address the infrastructure.


5 dead in Phoenix murder-suicide

Five people have been found dead inside a Phoenix home. Police say the dead include three brothers, their mother and one of the brother’s wives. Two women and two children were able to escape. Police say one of the brothers is the chief suspect, and a dispute over the family business may have been the cause.

Family believes remains belong to loved one

The family of a man who's been missing for more than two years believes his disappearance has been partially solved. They believe the remains pulled from the Ribault River are his. Tarik Minor spoke with the sister.

Florida rock climbing team ready for nationals

When you think Florida, you don't think mountains. But UNF Climbing Team doesn't need real mountains and is getting ready for nationals in San Diego.

Sandhill cranes halt construction project

VIDEO: A construction worker spots a nest of endangered Sandhill cranes off State Road 23 on the Westside and halts the project.

Guns and Hoses match

VIDEO: David Stevens joins News4Jax studios to talk about the 16th annual Guns and Hoses boxing match with all proceeds going to the Police Athletic League.

Remains found in river

The medical examiner is now working to identify human remains found in a car pulled from Ribault River. Neighbors are upset and some even angry about the discovery.

Third bidder sees divine purpose for Shipyards

A local Jacksonville man is throwing his name in the pot to be a bidder on the new plans for the Jacksonville Shipyards Downtown. He's looking to build a replica of Noah's Ark as well as a healing temple and a volleyball court.

Shipyards plan proposals

VIDEO: Three proposals are now in the Shipyards Evaluation Committee's hands for a decision to be made to decided which plan would suit Jacksonville best.

New street light concerns

VIDEO: A simple street light allows people to see better at night, but these lights will allow the city to see us in a whole new light.
They will be able to listen, learn and see for themselves what goes on in city streets.

What's Going Around - Lyme disease

Last week we did a story about Lyme Disease and I got a lot of feedback from you so I wanted to bring in an expert to delve a little more into the disease.

Bus driver to be honored

After a collision where a SUV slammed into a city bus, Charles Kohn first checked his passengers for injuries then ran to the SUV and tried to perform CPR on a complete stranger. Channel 4's Tarik Minor has more on this tale of heroics.

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