Man says he found rat's head in chili

A Florida man says he was eating at a restaurant he used to frequent when he unexpectedly felt a crunch -- and found he had bitten down on a rat's head.

Remains found could be missing UV student

Human remains have been found in a creek bed 8 miles from the University. Officials are doing tests to find out if the remains are Hannah Grahams.

Dazzling Shoes redesigns

Dazzling Shoes redesigns shoes to give them a second life after scuffs and scrapes take their toll.

What's so dangerous about 'killer bees?'

What's so dangerous about "killer bees?"

Teen sues over police brutality

VIDEO: A Georgia family is angry and now has filled a 12 million dollar law suite because their son was pulled over and held at gunpoint in his driveway for a seat belt violation.

Preview of tonight's debate

Bruce talks with Kent about the debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

Debt collection scam gets small business owner

Debt collection company uses strong arm tactics to scare small business owners in to believing him.

Health insurance needs to be closely examined for renewal

The time to renew or sign up for health insurance is coming up, find out if you're spending enough time choosing the right plan for you.

Baby killed in hit and run crash

VIDEO: Parents are grieving after their four month old baby was killed in a hit and run crash in Riverside. According to JSO, there was a car seat in the truck but they say the boy was in his mother's lap when the accident occurred.

Sister speaks on teen hit

VIDEO: A Raines High School student was hit was crossing the street by a 75-year-old driver. Her sister says she has serious injuries but her family is optimistic that she will be alright.

Search for killer

Investigators are still looking for the person responsible for shooting Nicholas King in Brunswick.

Monday begins a beautiful week

Cool mornings, warm afternoons and little chance of rain. But there is a slight chance of tropical storm forming in the Gulf.

Creepy clown sightings in Springfield

VIDEO: A craze that began in California has made it's way to the Springfield area of Jacksonville where clowns are showing up in front of houses and bringing more trick than treat to the River City.

5 year's since Somer's death

5 years ago today one local mother says she lost the "sunshine of her life." On October 19, 2009, 7 year old Somer Thomson disappeared while
walking home from school in Orange Park.

Treasures from a 2,000-year-old shipwreck

Treasures from a 2,000-year-old shipwreck.

Air Force band

We're very excited to have the US Air Force band with us.

"Lazy Delivery" in Jacksonville

A new delivery service in Jacksonville offers to run your errands, pick up groceries, and much more for less than the cost of a movie ticket.

Park Renovations

Jacksonville business leaders are teaming up to renovate a local park for the 2014 make a difference day.

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