Victim's mother rejects plea deal

VIDEO: The mother of 20-year-old murder victim, Kalil McCoy, rejected the plea deal Frederick Wade was given saying she won't accept anything less then a 40-year sentence.

Trinity Christian baseball makes history

After winning the Florida 4A Baseball Championship, so it's only fitting the Conquerors are named our team of the week.

Officer named in organized crime investigation

VIDEO: Thirteen people were named in a Federal investigation of organized crime including one JSO officer.

Company creates Fey and Poehler action figures

A toy company has created Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figures that comes with a fold-out diorama of the "SNL: Weekend Update" news desk.

Heist on holy ground

VIDEO: Authorities say thieves broke into Evangel Temple Assembly of God Monday evening making off with at least 15-thousand dollars worth of equipment.

Teen charged with making false report

VIDEO: A Fleming Island teen has been arrested and charged with making up a story about being pulled over by two fake cops; deputies have now determined that it never happened.

Dating app to blame for STDs?

A smartphone app that promotes casual sexual encounters is being blamed for a spike in STD's in Rhode Island. Now LOCAL health officials are looking into whether we're seeing a similar spike in Duval County.

Ronica Copes-Facebook/CNN

Racist letter tells NY family to move from neighborhood

Ronica Copes and her family have lived in their Long Island home for almost two years. But just last week, they received the most unwelcoming letter in the mail.

Woman sentenced for tax fraud

VIDEO: A Jacksonville woman has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for collecting and cashing treasury checks after filing fraudulent tax refunds.

Family gets closure after crash

VIDEO: The mother of Savannah Pfeiffer, a 12-year-old hit and killed by a drunk driver, has received closure after the man responsible was given 33 and a half years in prison.

CNN; Bartow Police Dept; Michelle Cooks

Excessive force alleged in arrest of pregnant woman

Video tape shows a pregnant California woman winds up face down on the ground with her arms behind her back during her arrest in a school parking lot.

Sheriff responds to indictment

VIDEO: The JSO officer is one of thirteen people charged in an organized crime roundup for crimes such as money laundering via the wire transfers and car purchases.

Dashcam captures plane crash on highway

New police dash cam video shows the aftermath of a deadly plane crash on an Atlanta-area highway earlier this month.

Volcano erupts on Japanese island

The 136 residents of the Japanese island of Kuchinoerabu have been ordered to evacuate to get out of the path of an erupting volcano.

33 years for DUI Death

After more than a year since a young girl was killed after the car she was riding in was hit by a drunk driver, the man who hit her was sentenced. Police say Stanley Jefson was driving 120 miles per hour and had a blood alcohol level of 3 times the legal limit.

Arson suspected in wildfire

VIDEO: A fire that began in St. John's County is being investigated after FHP believes the fire may have been started by an arson.

Woods fire in St. John's County

VIDEO: Crews are battling a fire in the woods in St. John's County near US-1 and International Golf Parkway.

Liberty Street still blocked off

VIDEO: Four months after the pavement collapsed into the river on Liberty Street, the area still remains blocked off leaving residents to wonder when something will be done.

Analysis from former bouncer on Conch House brawl

St. Augustine Police are investigating the brawl that they say sent several customers the hospital with serious injuries. So far, no charges have been filed against anyone. Channel 4's Vic Micolucci gets reaction from a former bouncer who did not work at conch house. Meanwhile, the Conch House has suspended Reggae Sunday until further notice.

Pill mill bust

A south florida woman is the main focus of an investigation of a "pill mill" that investigators say is linked to deaths of eight patients around Florida.

Woman sentenced to jail time for evidence tampering

VIDEO: 29-year-old Christy Files is sentenced to 6-months behind bars for tampering with evidence surrounding a fatal shooting.

Men and eating disorders

Lori Osachy, the director of the Body Image Counseling Center, sits with us to discuss how the rate of young men with eating disorders have increased throughout the years.

New city leaders discuss transition

The two most influential new Jacksonville leaders met face to face today for the first time since the election. Mayor elect Lenny Curry is getting ready to move into city hall and Mike Williams will take over the sheriff's office Channel 4's Jim Piggott caught up with both of them as they were having lunch.

Beached whale gets euthanize

Beachgoers were met with a surprise at Fort Clinch State Park when a short fin pilot whale beached itself this morning causing onlookers to rush in and try to keep the whale alive. Channel 4's Chris Parenteau spoke to wildlife officials, who say the whale had to be euthanized.

Friday's Gorgeous Forecast

After a cool start, expect a sunny, breezy afternoon.


Arizona prodigy, 11, headed to Harvard

An 11-year-old Arizona girl, Ria Cheruvu, is headed to Harvard with a life goal of helping the world.

Dangers of sleeping with a baby

The death of a baby boy leaves his mother devastated. The child suffocated when a sleeping adult rolled on top of him in bed. This mother's tragic loss is a cautionary tale about the dangers of sleeping with a baby ..

Restaurant Report

VIDEO: An inspector found 20 live roaches in the food prep area at a popular Regency restaurant, O'Charley's closed for the nigh to fix the problem.

Seminar teaches companies how to keep employees safe

video: According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration the Jacksonville area ranks among the highest for fatal accidents on the job, for construction type work.

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