Search crews continue to scour the Southern Indian Ocean for the missing airliner Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and one of the assisting crews is right out of Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

Navy Cmdr. Sean Liedman of NAS Jax oversees the operation of the Navy's P-8A Poseidon; a plane that can fly further, faster and higher than any other plane the Navy has available for use.

Liedman said the technology on board the plane is being used to assist 26 countries involved in the search for the 239 missing people that were on board the flight. He said it's the best technology the Unites States has when it comes to searching the open ocean.

"There's a high resolution turret on the airplane, the highest digital camera on the market," said Liedman. "This can detect things from a large range -- like a debris field we've found in this situation.”

Liedman said the Navy's P-8 aircraft squadron is in the process of re-positioning its search to Perth, Australia for the missing aircraft, more than 1,000 miles away from the last place it was spotted on radar.

According to Liedman, the Navy squadron is performing one search a day, alternating with a P-3C surveillance aircraft during the search.

Search efforts are being reviewed with new information from international investigators, that say Flight 370's communication devices were deliberately severed ahead of its initial takeoff.