New video of another fight involving Paris Cannon, a so-called "serial bully" who was nearly banned from all Duval County public schools, has surfaced.

The 14-year-old is currently in a legal battle over a separate fight she had with another student. Attorney John Phillips, who's representing victim Aria Jewett, says the new video will give prosecutors a leg up in that case.

Cannon is charged with felony battery in connection with a fight with 14-year-old Jewett (pictured below). It happened just a few blocks from the school they both attend, Oceanway Middle.

The beating landed Jewett in the hospital.

The video of the second fight involving Cannon starts out similar to the first one, with kids gathering around laughing and egging them on. Then it escalates into a brawl a few feet from a busy street.

UNCUT: Cell phone video of fight

After a few seconds and some serious punches, a fire truck zooms by and stops. Paramedics jump out, break up the fight and threaten to call police.

Phillips says the video is evidence that Cannon is a "serial bully."

Jewett's mother, Melissia Thomas, said the two teens ended up on the same Duval County field trip at Universal Studios two weeks ago, and Thomas was chaperoning.

"We were standing in line for a ride and we looked over behind us and she was standing right there behind us," Thomas said in a phone interview. "She wasn't but two feet from behind us."

"Aria has (post-traumatic stress disorder) issues from seeing her attacker and all of that, and they really were without options," Phillips said.

He said Cannon (pictured above) has a right to go on the field trip, but he wishes his client and her mom had been warned.

"I was a little upset because I went there to try to have a good time and try to get memories off our heads, and we tried to just me and her be away from everything, and then poof, she was there," Thomas said.

Phillips said the school district is over-protecting Cannon.

"They're filing affidavits in the appellate court saying she's got a right to an education," he said. "They're making sure she gets to school. They're letting her go on tax-paid field trips."

Phillips said the district isn't doing enough to protect Jewett.

"They're not worried about her education," he said. "In fact, her teachers are making her an example in class as a bullied student."

"We're still going through neurologists, we're still going through her having headaches and her blacking out," Thomas said. "And I have to deal with this the rest of my life. And I just wish other parents would have stood up just like I'm doing."