Staff for Mayor Alvin Brown say the city has no intention of changing or selling the name of Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

Some veterans became upset with discussion when the at a City Council meeting mayor's staff hinted that money could be made by selling the naming rights.

The mayor and his staff said it was only a discussion and there was never a plan on changing the name.

The issue came about with the funding for the new scoreboard at EverBank Field. Money will be used from funds that is normally sent to all the sports and convention facilities.

Discussion was underway on how to supplement that, and the idea of selling the name to the arena surfaced again.

That angered veterans, who began emailing the city saying it goes against a city ordinance passed in 2002 that says the name could not be sold.

Veteran Bob Adelhelm was one of those who fought City Council 11 years ago to keep corporate names off the arena and the veterans name on.

"I know when people analyze it, they will do the right thing," Adelhelm said in a phone interview. "And I think the mayor is going to do the right thing. He said he's going to do it, and we trust that he will."

It's not only the mayor's decision. City Council can make changes by overriding its own vote.

Council member Warren Jones said keeping the veterans name is important, but adding to it isn't wrong.

"I think you can marry the two, where you maintain the veterans name but at the same time allow a titled sponsor to have their name there," he said.