The man who was hit by a JSO cruiser after police say he pointed a gun at an officer made his first appearance in court on Sunday. 

55-year-old Michael Hudson has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault -- one for assault with a deadly weapon, and one for assault on a police officer. He was also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The judge set bond at $125,000, and set Hudson's arraignment date for November 12. The judge also appointed the public defender's office to represent Hudson. 

Police say an officer struck Hudson with his cruiser during a pursuit Saturday night when the officer came around a corner and found Hudson pointing a gun.

The officer, identified as M.C. Pelletier, was sitting in his police cruiser at a Exxon gas station on Kings Road about 6 p.m. when he observed Hudson approach a car.

After he began talking with the driver about something, police said Hudson pulled a gun on the driver and fired a shot. Police believe the two knew each other and may have had some ongoing conflict.

Authorities said Pelletier then fired at Hudson, who then took off.

Pelletier got back into his car and chased Hudson, who turned around a corner on Blue Avenue.

Michael Hudson DOC photo Police said Pelletier confronted Hudson again, who was standing in the street, when Hudson (pictured, right) then pointed his gun at him.

At that time, Pelletier sped up, striking Hudson with his police cruiser.

"He doesn't see the suspect at this point, but he hears another gunshot being fired as he exits his car. He sees the suspect on the ground with a gun. He takes the gun from the suspect and he is now in custody," said JSO Assistant Chief Annie Smith. 

Authorities said Hudson was taken to UF Health with non-life threatening injuries. 

A records check found Hudson has an extensive criminal record and has served five terms in Florida prison on charges ranging from drugs, burglary, grand theft and aggravated battery.