Bujeda says a third red flag is the photo of themselves they send to you.

"A lot of times the scammer will send you a picture and it looks like some model out of a magazine that blows you away," Bujeda explained. "Unfortunately, it's not what that person looks like, even if they send you multiple photos as proof."

Langston is paying for her mistake, two-fold.  She's always looking over her shoulder, wondering if Mike will  someday show up.  She's also stuck paying her bank back more than $400 in fees, she says the bank incurred while investigating the fraud.

Langston knows none of this would have happened, had she not given Mike her bank account number.

"I know I was a dummy," Langston admitted. "But I'm more concerned this guy may be out there doing this to someone else."

It's why she braved the embarrassment, hoping her feelings of hurt, anger and disappointment are a lesson to other women looking for love online.

Those nude pictures of Langston, no telling if or when they'll surface again.

Meanwhile, Bujeda says don't let what happened to Langston, discourage you from reporting a similar scam to police.  Now that Langston  has filed a police report, there's a record of it, and a paper trail has started, so the chances of catching this guy gets better every time someone reports it.