Her Web site also has a list of dog names with Australian origin for breeds such as the Australian cattle dog and Australian shepherd. They include names such as Bikkie and Ace. The meanings are also included.

O Names

Some people believe that giving a dog a name ending with the vowel O may make a dog think that the owner is saying, "No."

Krout said she does not believe this rule is true.She pointed to the popular dog name Coco. It is No. 16 on the list of popular girl dog names.

What's Your Ferret's Name?

While a lot of attention is placed on cat and dog names, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to give a lot of thought to the names for their other pets.

Conner said on PetNamesWorld's message boards there are several questions and comments about other pets.

One comment Conner said, "I just got a new rabbit. What should I call him?"

The site includes pet names for birds, ferrets, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, horses, lizards, mice, pigs, rabbits, rats, snakes and turtles.

An advanced search on the site allows users to enter a name and determine if it is suitable for that type of animal. The search also helps users narrow the name's origin.