Police say the 34-year-old suspect wanted in connection for hitting and killing a 2-year-old girl and then leaving the scene is now in custody.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Serdarus Scott was arrested Monday and is being interviewed by traffic homicide detectives. Police officers found him at the Royal Estates Apartments, located at 8050 Arlington Expressway.

Investigators say Scott (pictured, right) was driving through the parking lot of the Harold House apartment complex on Ring Lane -- near the intersection of Philips Highway and Emerson Street -- when he hit Janya Solomon about 7 p.m. Sunday.

After striking the toddler, the driver got out of the vehicle and looked at the girl, then the passenger moved to the driver seat and began to drive away, witnesses  said. The original driver -- whom police believe to be Scott -- got back into the car on the passenger side, which turned around and drove away, according to witnesses.

"The baby was trying to run across the street to her sister, and he hit that baby," a witness said. "And when he hit that baby, he got out the car and looked at the baby with no sympathy. And he got back in the car, drove around the sidewalk to avoid her body, like she was (expletive) roadkill."

Police said Janya was left on the street in front of her older brother and sister, who, according to family members, watched their younger sister die.

"My other baby ran in and said, 'My baby was hit by a car,'" said Natalie Parker, Janya's mother.

Parker said she had just stepped inside her apartment to unload groceries when the accident happened. She said Janya tried to cross the road, believing Scott's car was parked.

"The car was stopped, so she started running across to see her sister, and he pushed the gas and hit her," Parker said.

Police later found the vehicle involved abandoned at Leigh Meadows Apartments on Sunbeam Road.

"We have a couple of people who saw at least part of this. We believe there's more people. Give us as much information as they can give us so we can solve this," said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Detective J.D. Gregory.

Scott has been in and out of jail since 1997 on multiple traffic offenses, including driving without a license, car theft, and obstruction of justice. He has been labeled a habitual traffic offender. Scott was cited for driving with a suspended license in 2003, 2008, 2009 and twice in 2010, officials said.

Channel 4's Crime Analyst, Ken Jefferson, looked at Scott's record and pointed out his history of disobeying traffic laws.

"That shows how callous he is. You have a two year old and you don't have conscience enough to call police or care for that child," said Jefferson.

Former prosecutor and now private attorney, Mitch Stone, said it doesn't appear Scott had a violent driving past, but more like problems with paying traffic fines, which led to the suspensions.

"Just not addressing financial requirements, maybe not paying in time, gets suspension then gets another charge because he didn't pay the ticket, and it continues to snowball until he gets 5-year additional traffic offender," said Stone. "You've got a lot of information that's not indicative of a bad driver, but indicative of not taking care of financial requirements."

"It's obvious he doesn't have regard for laws and rules because he has all these citations for not paying fines," said Jefferson. "To get the attention of police, all you have to do is not follow rules of the road. Obviously, he did that."

Channel 4 has learned that the Florida Department of Children and Families is also investigating the case.

Friends and family set up a makeshift memorial at the site of the crash in honor of Janya.

"Janya was very sweet," her grandmother, Tasha Carrol, said. "I remember when she was first born and they had just moved out there, and it's sad. It's very touching to me."

Carrol said she'll always remember her granddaughter's smile and how she would jump into her arms.

"She was the happiest baby, biggest dimples you can imagine," Parker said. "She was very smart, my New Year's baby, January 1. That was my baby."

People who live in the complex hope Scott is held accountable soon.

"I don't know, it's unexplainable. Its just, I feel sorry for the parents. I hope they catch the person who did it because whoever did it, they deserve to get caught," said neighbor Carlos Lawrence.  "It's always sad when a child gets hurt or killed. Even with the kidnapping thing. We've got to keep a close eye on our kids. Very close eye."

Police said Monday evening Scott will be charged with leaving the scene of a crash that results in a fatality.