Police say a Pinellas Park Walmart employee is accused of being involved in a scheme to steal merchandise from the store. 

Police say 26 year-old James Lee worked with Walmart employee, 24 year-old Kevin Rious.  Walmart notified police of the scheme.  Rious and Lee are being held in Pinellas County Jail after police arrested the two. 

According to police, the thefts happened on 24 different occasions since the beginning of May.  Police say the pair took items worth $23,263.

Authorities say Lall would let Rious know what he wanted from the store via text message.  Rious would gather the items and meet Lall at the electronics register.  A transaction took place, but of items not being purchased.  Police say the cost of the items Lall walked out with cost more than the sale that took place. 

Lall paid Rious for his assistance.