Football is an American past time, but parents aren't so keen of the idea of their kids in the game.

The Daily Mail and NBC News reports that a study by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal shows almost half of Americans don't want their kids stepping out on the field. 

The numbers concluded 40 percent of parents don't want their kids playing football because of the risks of playing.  The biggest concern parents had was the risk of concussions. 

Income also proved to make a difference as lower income families against their kids playing was 28 percent.  For the higher income families it was 47 percent against their kids playing. 

The dangers of playing football has been a big concern as a judge overturned a ruling of the settlement the NFL reach with former players of not being warned of the risk.

Recently many people in the spotlight have said they wouldn't want their children playing the tackle sport.  

The Daily Mail reported Joe Mamath a former NFL quarterback said he didn't want his kids in the game.

In January President Obama said the same thing, if he had a son he wouldn't let him play. 

Obama would not let his son play football