"We are very confident in our campaign to show Charlie Crist's failure as governor in contrast to Governor Scott's record of job creation," said Sen. John Thrasher, a St. Augustine Republican who serves as Scott's campaign chairman, in a statement. "We already have around 8 million dollars of ads up on TV with this exact message. Polls will surely go up and down, but we know Floridians want four more years of a governor who cares about them and how they will succeed and get a great job."

Schale rebuffed that idea.

"The reality is that most people in this state have a strong impression of either Rick Scott or Charlie Crist, an impression that's not going to be easily changed by television ads or misleading campaigning or campaigning out of the governor's office or you name it," he said.

Additional information about the poll is available at http://mason-dixon.com/florida/.