"The lady's shaking her hips in a grass skirt and everything, but really there's a lot of stories being told," Smith said. "The stories are with the hands."

Hula Smith's 9 year-old daughter, Kalia, showed a story she said is about all the children that make up the lovely world they live in.

"Now this is the water and the fish," she said as she knelt down on the grass, moving her hands to the music.

Kalia and her 6-year-old sister regularly perform Hula and Tahitian dances at competitions across the state.

"It's cool," Kalia said, "because I get to show it to other people and maybe encourage them to learn."

Her plan worked for Channel 4's Hailey Winslow, who learned she had to put the skirt on over her head because it's not supposed to touch the ground. And they put a flower in her hair, explaining the flower goes on the right side if you're single and the left side if you're taken. Then they taught her how to hula, only the girls were much better at it than Hailey was.

After their big moves, it was Hailey's turn to get "fired" up. She strapped on her safety goggles (teal Jaguars shades) and nervously touched Tamaseu's machete blade.

"It's dull, but when it's hot it doesn't matter. It'll still cut you," Tamaseu said with a smile.

"What have I got myself into?" Hailey said with a laugh.

And with a quick tip from the pro, she was on fire, almost literally. She flipped the machete in the air, threw it to Tamaseu, and he threw it back.

"What an adrenaline rush! Go Jags!" Hailey said as she caught the fire knife with a grin.

With the attitudes and electricity igniting the cultured crew, it appears they're ready for kickoff.

"The energy is going to be off the charts, the fans are going to be off the charts," said Tamaseu.

Alualu said he had a message for the fans: "Thank you everybody for the support. We got something special going on, so just come out and join."

"Thanks for standing by us," Ta'ufo'ou added. "I think things are starting to come around, and just stick with us and things will get better."

Lotulelei, while smiling, said the secret is "staying positive."