Carson said, "I've represented people who've had those systems in place, yet I'm representing them because they got a ticket from a red light camera. So in my experience, they do not work."

Goble, the Orange Park police chief, added, "Tags we've seen with covers on them, they've clearly run the red light, and we clearly had the tag number. So I have to say, for the most part, those things don't work."

Those red light intersections do work to change traffic even a little, according to police. Chief Goble points out that 70,000 cars go through Orange Park every day, on their way to or from Jacksonville. Goble believes the roads are safer with the red light camera enforcement because drivers know they are there and slow down when they approach them.

As we mentioned, there are 32 red light cameras in our area. 

Orange Park has seven cameras and 6,966 citations have been issued.  Green Cove Springs has five red light cameras and has issued 8,143 citations.  And Jacksonville currently has 20 cameras, and as of October 15, had issued 16,034 red light citations.