WHO IS AT RISK?:  Athletes are more prone to developing a muscle imbalance due to the constant stress on certain muscles. In 1992, an article published in the journal of Sports Medicine showed that an athlete is 2.6 times more likely to suffer an injury if an imbalance in hip flexibility of 15 percent or more existed.  However, it’s not just athletes who are at risk. “About 65 percent of injuries—both athletic and lifestyle-related—come from overuse, which is repetitive use of joints that are rendered dysfunctional by muscular imbalances," Mark Verstegen, president and founder of Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance, was quoted as saying. To avoid a muscle imbalance, it is recommended that athletes use muscles that are not as frequently used on off days to warm up these muscles. This will help in preventing injuries and will strengthen muscles. (Source:coreperformance.com/knowledge/training/muscle-imbalance.html)