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Ministry of Defence

Which company is blamed for a British soldier's murder?

The British government has concluded that two violent Islamists avoided intelligence agents and killed a soldier -- all because a tech company didn't tip them off.

The British government says it's a "communications service provider" but won't name it.


From Apple

Coming soon: App to report police brutality

Reporting police brutality could just be a swipe away.


Courtesy Disney

Frozen's Elsa and Anna teach girls to code

Here's one way to get girls excited about coding: use a couple of Disney's wildly popular princesses.



BlackBerry will buy your iPhone

BlackBerry wants your iPhone, and will pay for it.


Is your cellphone spying on you?

It's one of the few things we all carry with us everywhere we go: a cellphone. But News4Jax discovered many devices are tracking every move you make, and most people have no idea.


Your phone is spying on you

News4Jax investigator Vic Micolucci looked into a controversial feature on a popular smartphone that tracks your every movement, and most people don't even know it's there.


Photo by Amy Stuart, UF/IFAS Communications

Process turns human waste into rocket fuel

At NASA’s request, University of Florida researchers have figured out how to turn human waste -- yes, that kind -- into rocket fuel.


John Gress/Reuters

Apple now worth a whopping $700 billion

In the exclusive club of the world's most valuable companies, Apple is king. And its crown just added more bling.



iPads won't be stuffing stockings this year

The way tablet sales are slumping, there's almost a better chance you'll get three French hens or two turtle doves than an iPad this Christmas.


Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Apple taps Bono again -- for charity

A few months after Apple gave away a U2 album, angering some of the grumpiest folks on iTunes, the company is teaming up with frontman Bono again -- this time for charity.


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