A St. Johns County teenager bitten by a rattlesnake last month is now out of the hospital.

Travis Hill, 16, nearly died and spent 13 days in the hospital and received 58 vials of anti-venom.

"My mouth started to swell, my tongue swelling, my tongue hanging out of my mouth because it was still swollen," Hill said during a visit to Channel 4 on Monday.

Hill was bitten two and a half times by a diamondback rattlesnake. His right foot is still so painful that he needs crutches right now to get around.

"Since I was in bed for two weeks, it's shrunken severely and still hurts a little bit to walk on it," he said.

Hill's good friend and lifesaver is still by his side.

Friend saves snake bite victim's life "A lot of teachers and kids at school said congrats and yeah that's cool. It's just a little awkward sometimes," said Jacob Emerson, who saved Hill.

Emerson is uncomfortable and humble about all the attention.

"Kept asking, 'Is it poisonous? Is it poisonous?'" he said. "Halfway down the trail, I said, 'Yeah, it's poisonous.'"

The teens had been walking in the woods in Bishop Estates in St. Johns County when Hill was bitten. Emerson pulled from his First Aid training as an Eagle Scout.

"Bees, snakes, spider bites and all that stuff, and I remember in my book venom doesn't get up as fast," Emerson said.

That and rushing Hill straight to an emergency clinic saved his life.

"Our kids always tell us, 'Let me grow up, mom,'" said Shannon Emerson, Jacob's mother. "I guess he's right. He made an adult decision that was life or death and did not depend on us, and that is really touching and so proud of him."

Hill's mom is still a little wary of letting her son out of her sight.

"She's trying not to let me out of the house since that's the safest place, but she still lets me out," Hill said.