While Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over, it's important to note, the quest for a cure goes on all year, and the lives of families who have lost loved ones to breast cancer, must go on.

Mike Holm's wife, Mary Holm died from breast cancer this past April. He spoke with us about his beautiful children he's now raising on his own.

"They occasionally say things like Mr. Mom .. or mom's in heaven, stuff like that.  But, they're doing good, they're very resilient," said Mike.

In 2012, Mary Holm shared her story with Channel 4 as she was being treated for her breast cancer.  She was still stunned over the loss of her sister Debbie to the same disease.  Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her third child and that's when Mary found out that she too carried the BRCA-1 breast cancer gene.

"She was tested for the gene and found out she was positive for it when her sister was going through treatment," explained Mike.

Mary and Mike had one child so far, Christopher.

"At that time, we decided we wanted another child, hopefully a girl, and we had Katelyn."

Just like her sister Debbie, for Mary (pictured below), family came first.

Mary "We decided that, after she was done breastfeeding Katelyn that we'd go ahead and do a double mastectomy and do everything else that we should do.  You  know, but God's plan was to have Amelia," he explained.

Mike says after Amelia arrived, and Mary was breastfeeding, that's when she noticed changes like swelling and some redness in her right breast.  It was cancer.

Mary and Debbie's mom and dad, Barbara and Tom Russo were heartbroken.

"We never expected that it could happen a second time," said Barbara. 

They had to bury both their daughters after the same disease took them away. But through the sorrow, they are still so proud of how their girls stood up to the aggressive cancer that runs in Tom's side of the family.

Tom and Barbara described their daughter Debbie.

"She was very strong, she fought like crazy, I'm proud of her and I'm glad I was there every minute," said Tom.

"But then I had Mary to mourn with, you know, because Mary and I mourned together. We'd laugh, and then we'd cry and then we'd laugh again. So I had her to go through it with," said Barbara. "Basically for me, it's been harder losing Mary."

Debbie and Mary were best friends. Through their lives they did everything together.  But now, both are buried just around the corner from their childhood home.  It's a place for their loved ones to find some peace and reflect.

"I can't imagine losing two daughters. I can't imagine losing one daughter, but two is certainly devastating," said Mike.

He says his in-laws, Barbara and Tom, are the strongest people he knows and credits their unyielding faith.

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