Judd said predators are attracted to venues where there are children.

"Why do people work at Disney? Well, they work at Disney because they want a good, stable job for a great company, but there is always a few that are there because they can see children. They can live in a child's world," Judd said.

Ernie Allen, president of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, said the number of those arrested in the child sex stings and for child porn "should signal to all of us that this is a real threat. It's a threat to Disney, it's a threat to a lot of companies and a lot of settings because these offenders will attempt to defeat the barriers that you put in place that deny them access to children."

Asked if Disney is doing enough, Allen said, "It's hard to imagine any company that's done more, that cares more, that's trying harder on these issues and part of the reason is Disney recognizes that it's a magnet, it's a magnet that is sort of America's symbol for children."

He pointed out that, even though only two of the cases were on Disney property, that didn't make the threat less serious.

"It also indicates that there is that interest present, that there are people who have sexual interest in children, and will be at risk of offending against a real child," Allen said.