News4Jax Gives You Control Of TraffiCam Network

DOT Cameras Always Live When You Want Them

For real-time traffic information, visit Jax511's Traffic Map.

The Local Station keeps an eye on traffic for our viewers each weekday, with traffic reports by Crystal Moyer on The Morning Show.

Now -- through the resources of, the Florida Department of Transportation and your Web browser -- you can see for yourself what conditions are like wherever and whenever you choose.

The DOT has dozens of cameras along Interstates 10, 95 and 295. The large image to the right is what WJXT's producers are currently watching in the control room. Below are thumbnail images of current conditions along the Interstate 10 corridor west of Jacksonville, I-95 near downtown, I-95 south of town and I-295 near the Buckman Bridge.

Click the links blow to see images from any of more than 50 DOT cameras that monitor the interstate highway system in Duval County.

Camera courtesy of FDOT
  • I-95/I-10 Interchange
  • I-10 at Stockton Street
  • I-10 at U.S. Highway 17
  • I-10 west of McDuff Avenue
  • I-10 at Luna Street/Lenox Avenue
  • I-10 east of Edgewood Avenue
  • I-10 at Cassat Avenue
  • I-10 west of Cassat Avenue
  • I-10 at Lane Avenue
  • I-10 at Ramona Road
  • I-10 east of Chaffee Road
  • I-10 at I-295 North
  • I-10 at I-295 South
  • Camera courtesy of FDOT
  • I-95 at Riverside Avenue
  • I-95 on Fuller Warren Bridge
  • I-95 at Baptist Medical Center
  • I-95 at Acosta Bridge exit
  • I-95 at Atlantic Boulevard
  • I-95 north of Emerson Street
  • I-95 at Emerson Street
  • I-95 north of University Boulevard
  • I-95 at University Boulevard
  • I-95 south of Bowden Road
  • I-95 at J. Turner Butler Boulevard
  • I-95 south of Butler Boulevard
  • I-95 north of Baymeadows Road
  • I-95 at Baymeadows Road
  • I-95 north of Southside Boulevard
  • I-95 at Southside Boulevard
  • I-95 at U.S. 1 (Philips Highway)
  • I-95 north of I-295

  • Camera courtesy of FDOT
  • I-95 at Church Street
  • I-95 at Union Street
  • I-95 at 8th Street
  • I-95 at 20th Street Expressway
  • I-95 at Golfair Boulevard
  • I-95 north of Golfair Boulevard
  • I-95 south of Lem Turner Road
  • I-95 north of Lem Turner Road
  • I-95 at Edgewood Avenue
  • I-95 at Trout River Bridge
  • I-95 at Heckscher Drive
  • I-95 at Dunn Avenue
  • I-95 north of Dunn Avenue
  • I-95 south of I-295
  • Camera courtesy of FDOT
    CAMERAS ON I-295
  • I-295 at Commonwealth Avenue
  • I-295 at Normandy Blvd.
  • I-295 at Wilson Boulevard
  • I-295 at 103rd Street
  • I-295 at South of 103rd
  • I-295 at Morse Avenue
  • I-295 at Collins Road
  • I-295 at Blanding Boulevard
  • I-295 south of Blanding Boulevard
  • I-295 at Roosevelt Blvd.
  • I-295 - north end of Buckman Bridge
  • I-295 - south end of Buckman
  • I-295 at San Jose Boulevard
  • I-295 north of Old St. Augustine Road
  • I-295 at Old St. Augustine Road
  • I-295 north of I-95
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