• Is your daughter lying?
  • Is your daughter stealing?
  • Is your daughter being cruel to other family members, especially a younger sibling?
  • Is your daughter experiencing aggressive outbursts that are out of character?

If so, she says that’s when it’s time to get professional help for bullying. 

We also talked with Dr. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Duval County's schools, about what his office is doing to stop bullying in class.

"We're proposing to put a dean of discipline in every middle and high school throughout the county.  Someone just to focus on disciplinary issues, disciplinary referrals, meet with parents, problem-solve in getting to the root of why students may be making the wrong decision, " said Vitti.   

He went on to say, "We're also looking at putting a full-time teacher in every in-school suspension setting so that when students are making the wrong decisions, students are placed in a time-out room, a separate environment for instruction, so they're removed from the regular environment." 

Vitti also says the district has increased the guidance counselor to student ratio to help prevent behavior from happening.  In addition, he says, "We're putting more security guards in our schools, for additional presence."