There are five things that will be a lot cheaper in September according to Consumer Reports. They reveal that there are still sales tied to the calendar.

For starters, bicycles are cheaper in September. Summer is coming to a close, that's one reason for the drop in price. You can even find the high quality carbon fiber bikes for a couple hundred bucks.

Digital Cameras also make the list. Consumer Reports said this is a good time to look for the basic and advanced styles. The prices will take a jump before the holidays.

Gas grills will also cost you less this month. You can get the typically pricey perks like side burners and stainless steel for a discount.

Lawn Mowers are another item that will be cheaper. While you're that department, Consumer Reports suggested looking for shrubs, trees and flowers to spruce up your yard because they're marked down too.

Finally, small electronics will be on sale in September. Early fall is the best time to buy MP3, DVD and Blu-ray players according to Consumer Reports. If these are on your holiday shopping list, now is the time to buy!