The Jaguars are in London this week for the big exhibition game across the pond. Even if you couldn't make the trip, you can still get a taste of jolly old England right here in and around the River City.

There are three British pubs in our area that are showing the game this Sunday: 3 Lions Pub is on Alta Drive, The Prince of Wales in downtown St. Augustine and the Kings Head British Pub on U.1 1 just north of the St. Augustine airport. They're all great choices for watching the game this weekend, but one will really make you feel like you're in a British pub.

Kings Head British Pub is hard to miss as you drive down U.S. 1 to St. Augustine. If you think the outside is impressive and authentic, just step in the front door.

"It's like a museum inside here, a lot of people think it is a museum," Ann Dyke said. "People walk in and say wow, this is so like a British pub. That is exactly what we wanted it to be."

Dyke opened the doors 22 years ago with the goal of making fellow Brits feel a little less homesick.

She said, "They walk in and it's like,'Oh, it's like a bit of home! This is great!'"

Everything at the pub is imported. The flags, trinkets, pictures on the walls. Even the double decker out front.

Dyke told us, "Country buses are green, but mine is an authentic 1952 red bus."

Outside of the entrance, there's also the phone booth.

"You say phone booth, we say telephone box," Dyke explained. "I don't have a telephone in it because I'm afraid it's going to get ripped out anyway.

Even the carpet is from across the pond.

"Wilton carpet comes from England and it's made in England only. It's very expensive to buy, but it's well worth it," she explained.

Dyke takes great pride in the Kings Head and said if you want a true English experience during the game, look no further than her pub and her signature dish.

"I'm well known for my fish and chips. I'm told they're the best in Northeast Florida which I like to think they are," she said. 

In addition to these spots, we found some other very British things in Jacksonville. Cozy Tea on Park St. where the English owners are thrilled to teach the tradition of tea time.

Several different rugby leagues and our championship Rugby team, the Axemen. Land Rover and Jaguar dealerships. Plus, a whole slew of physicians name Dr. English.