As time passed, Karen said she felt more comfortable talking to her friends and family about her diagnosis. She said Komen was a huge help because the people involved in the Komen Foundation made a difficult disease feel hopeful.

Woman fights cancer pregnant

So every year she raised money for the foundation, ran in the Race for the Cure and even started some of her own fundraisers to help support Breast Cancer research.

Daigle has been cancer-free for about 11 years now. She said she is not worried about the possibility of the cancer coming back, but worries about her two girls.

"Part of the reason I run and give back and everything is that I want this gone from our earth, you know the worst thing that could happen is for one of my daughters to have it and you know they've asked me, am I gonna get it and I say to them no, you have a higher likelyhood, that doesn't mean you're gonna get it and that's why we raise money together, that's why we run, and that's why we fight and that's why I think we're getting really close to a cure," said Daigle.

She says donations made through the Komen foundation really help with, not only those affected by breast cancer, but the research to help find a cure and help prevent the disease from happening to anyone else.