Family wants coroner's inquest in death

The family of Michelle O'Connell is asking State Attorney R.J. Larizza to follow the recommendation of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to have a coroner's inquest, saying O'Connell's death is consistent with homicide more so than suicide.

Map: Nassau County drowning

9-year-old pulled unresponsive from pool

A 9-year-old girl reported to have had a seizure while swimming in a pool Monday was transported to a hospital but could not be revived, according to the Nassau County Sheriff's Office.


Passenger dispute diverts flight to JIA

A Delta Airlines flight from LaGuardia to Palm Beach International Airport was diverted to Jacksonville when a passenger got into a dispute over a reclining seat.

Backlund fire

Woman hurt, 2 dogs die in East Jax fire

A woman was transported to the hospital after a fire broke out in her East Jacksonville home Tuesday morning. The victim's two adult children were not hurt, and while two dogs also made it out safely, two others died in the fire.

Police lights file 2

2 hurt, kids OK after shots fired into home

A man and a woman were shot and their children "miraculously" were not hurt after a large number of bullets were fired into the family's home Monday night, according to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office.

Steven Sotloff


ISIS video purports to show beheading of 2nd US journalist

The ISIS terror group has published a video titled "A second message to America" that purportedly shows the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff.


Expert offers tips to prevent iCloud hacking

Many iPhone users rely on their device as a digital scrapbook. So how can those users make sure their images aren't stolen from iCloud like some celebrities' were recently?

Speeding ticket quota in Florida city

Waldo an infamous speed trap town

The north Florida town of Waldo has long had a reputation as a speed trap, and it's no wonder. A small segment of highway that runs through Waldo requires drivers to speed up and slow down six times.

Bacon in pan

Wikimedia Commons

Food prices rising; how to fight back

Despite the prices of almost all food items going up, there are still ways to save money when shopping for groceries.


Study suggests economy is recovering

Good news when it comes to the economy. More and more displaced workers are finding jobs in the industries they left or were laid off in.

School bus

Clay County needs school bus drivers

The Clay County School District needs bus drivers. The district has about 200 drivers, but it would like to have 240. The shortage could keep students from getting to and from school on time.

More Americans working two jobs

More Americans working more hours

The 40-hour work week that has long been regarded as the standard in American labor isn't so standard anymore.

Instrument of Surrender of Japan, World War II

U.S. Army Signal Corps

On this day: September 2

London burns, Atlanta falls to Union forces, Japan surrenders to end World War II, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebrates its opening with a star-studded jam, all on this day.

Bud Light Budweiser blurb

Fred Prouser/Reuters

World's most popular beers

Think you can guess which beer is consumed the most worldwide? Take a look at a list of the most popular beers in the world and where they are brewed, according to CNN Money.

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Girl Who Drowned

Girl found in pool

Her sister and a Nassau County deputy perform CPR, but can't revive a 9-year-old.

Tuesday Weather 9-2-14

Summer continues into September

Hot Tuesday with good chance of showers or storms in the afternoon.


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