Big rig crashes into building, injures 5

A tractor-trailer crashed into a JTA bus and then a building in the New Town area, just west of downtown, late Wednesday afternoon, injuring five people.

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Nicholas Stoner

Man charged in BP killing; shooter sought

A 21-year-old man has been charged with murder and accessory after the fact in connection with the shooting death at a BP gas station Monday night.


Woman charged with murder of child

The Waycross Police Department said a 42-year-old woman has been charged with murder in the death of a 3-year-old child who was in her care.

Nassau Co crash

Man, 39, dies in crash with tractor-trailer

A 39-year-old Georgia man was killed in a crash with a tractor-trailer Wednesday morning in Nassau County.

Michael Dunn appears at pretrial hearing

Michael Dunn's jail letters released

The State Attorney's Office has released two letters Michael Dunn wrote to his daughter last year, before his trial that ended with convictions on three counts of attempted second-degree murder and shooting into a vehicle, and a hung jury on the murder charge in the shooting death of Jordan Davis.

Rally in Nippers case

Family wants answers in loved one's death

The family of a man shot and killed outside a Jacksonville Beach restaurant is demanding action more than a month after his death.

Joseph Wood executed Arizona

Arizona DOC/KPHO

Inmate 'gasped, snorted' during execution

Arizona inmate Joseph Wood died some two hours after the start of his execution Wednesday, his attorney said, describing what happened as "bungled."

"It took Joseph Wood two hours to die, and he gasped and struggled to breath for about an hour and 40 ...

Homeless Coalition site

Homeless coalition broken into 3 times

Police in St. Augustine are trying to figure out who is stealing from the homeless.

Second water taxi

2-3 more weeks for water taxis approval

Plans to have the water taxis running this weekend and for the first preseason football game have sunk.


FSU changes approach to sexual violence

Florida State University has been scrutinized for the way it handled sexual assault allegations against football player Jameis Winston in late 2012 and early 2013. It's now added a full-time Title IX director and two sexual violence coordinators.

Head Start sign

Parents complain of Head Start program

Concerned parents have been complaining about Duval County's Head Start program, a federally funded early childhood program for low-income families.


Spot the lies: Expert reveals red flag words

How do you know someone isn't telling you a lie while chatting with you via text, email or online. A social media expert reveals red flag words to watch for.

Florida State Seal

Florida ranked scariest state in the US

Floridians are living in the scariest state in the country, according to a national real estate poll, and it wasn't crime that did the state in -- it was the weather.

Kelsey Grammer and Eddie the dog from Frasier

Paramount Television

TV's all-time 30 greatest pets

Whether they were the star of the show or just part of the cast, television history is filled with animal stars who stole the spotlight from their human co-stars. Here's a look at our picks for the best 30 TV pets ever.

Comet Hale-Bopp file photo

U.S. Navy

On this day: July 23

Miss America gives up her crown, Fergie gets a royal wedding, a new comet is discovered, and a singer's life comes to a tragic ending, all on this day.

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Homeless Coalition Break In

Break-ins at St. Johns Co. Homeless Coalition

Thieves have stolen from the Homeless Coalition in St. Johns County three times in the last month.

Video forecast from The Weather Authority

Hump day wake-up forecast

White tropics are active, local forecast is drier, with only scattered PM storms today.


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