2014 Legislative News

Sheriff opposed to death penalty, may run for state Legislature

In a few months Sheriff John Rutherford will leave office after 12 years as sheriff and retire after 41 years with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

FWC proposes return of black bear hunting

Bear attacks and nuisance complaints could result in Florida bringing back a hunting season for the animal. The state's wildlife agency said they're running out of options.

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Guns on campus bill clears first hurdle

In the wake of a shooting on the FSU campus and after an hour of sometimes-emotional debate, a House panel Tuesday approved a bill that would allow concealed weapons to be carried at colleges and universities.

Taxpayer money not helping Fla. films, sports

Florida is spending millions to help professional sports teams and to lure Hollywood to make films here but it's not clear if the investment is paying off.

Liquor stores, beer sellers vs. craft breweries

Florida liquor stores and beer distributors are challenging the way the state issues licenses allowing craft breweries to sell their products in tasting rooms, a move that brewers say could put dozens of breweries out of business or, at the very least, halt rapid growth in the industry.

Travis Hutson adds $80K in campaign funds

Two weeks before the special primary election to replace Sen. John Thrasher in Florida Senate District 6, the latest campaign finance reports show State Rep. Travis Hutson, R-Elkton, had raised more than a quarter-million dollars. Republican opponents Ronald "Doc" Renuart had not reported his fundraising and Dennis McDonald had not remained any funds.

Scott to propose hike in public school funding

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is moving ahead with a campaign promise to boost the amount of money going to the state's' public schools.

How should Fla. spend environmental protection money?

You probably voted for it, and now lawmakers have to figure out how to spend guaranteed environmental protection money. They're looking for public input from a surging population.

Senate carves up conservation money

Environmentalists offered state lawmakers a possible funding breakdown that included springs preservation and land acquisition, as work began Wednesday to carve up the money Florida voters overwhelmingly said in November should go to conservation efforts.

Few new laws come in with new year

Lawmakers sent 255 bills to Gov. Rick Scott after passage during the 2014 legislative session, but only three take effect Thursday.

Republicans blast Obama's Cuba moves

President Barack Obama's decision to re-establish diplomatic ties with Cuba sparked a firestorm of protest among Florida Republicans and caution among Democrats, proving that the future of America's dealings with the island nation 90 miles away remains a sensitive issue in the state.


Fullwood wins special primary for Dist. 13

Former state Rep. Reggie Fullwood easily fended off a challenge from Jacksonville City Council member Johnny Gaffney in a special Democratic primary election in House District 13.