2014 Legislative News

Legislators balk at Medicaid expansion

Around 1 million Floridians could benefit from Medicaid expansion, but Florida is one of 23 states that have refused federal money for that purpose. And it looks like that fight won't get far again in 2015.

Special elections to be held to fill seats

Florida lawmakers met Tuesday to organize and seat new members after the election, but the meeting was anything but usual.

Charlotte's Web law still tangled

Florida took a small step in utilizing medical marijuana during 2014’s legislative session, but the law that allows the use of marijuana extract “Charlotte’s Web” is still a tangled mess.

Gaffney blasts party leaders' support of Fullwood

A man challenging an incumbent state representative in a special election next month spoke out Wednesday against his party using campaign funds to help his opponent.

Governor sets 3 area special elections

Just when you thought elections were over for a while, Gov. Rick Scott sets three special elections -- one to fill the state Senate seat left by John Thrasher's becoming president of FSU, and the two House seats of those seeking the now open Senate seat.

Key Senate races as polls close

VIDEO: With Election Day here, all eyes will focus on a few key Senate races that could flip the balance of power in the U.S. Congress.

'Doc' Renuart plans to run for Thrasher's seat

State Rep. Ronald "Doc" Renuart, R-Ponte Vedra Beach, said Wednesday he "definitely" plans to run for a Senate seat if it opens up because of Sen. John Thrasher becoming president of Florida State University. 

Colorful, influential GOP leader Slade dies

Tom Slade -- a hard-drinking, seafaring tactician who steered Republicans to political dominance in Florida -- died Monday in Orange Park at age 78 from complications associated with heart failure.

Thasher's fundraising slows amid FSU bid

State Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, has raised little money in recent months as he runs for re-election while also moving toward becoming president of Florida State University. 

Sen. John Thrasher on the next chapter of his life

Florida Sen. John Thrasher, named president of Florida State University, explains how the process went, how he plans to win over those who opposed his selection, what to expect as he takes the helm of the university and why he's not giving up his campaign for re-election.

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Judge throws out voucher expansion lawsuit

A Florida judge on Wednesday threw out a lawsuit aimed at blocking a significant expansion of the state's main private school voucher program.

Thrasher resigns from Scott campaign

Sen. John Thrasher resigned as chairman of Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign Wednesday, a day after being offered the job of president of Florida State University.