2015 Legislative News

Bills aim to save kids, pets from hot car death

What would you do if you saw a child or pet left in a hot car? Would you break the window to save them or worry about the legal consequences?

New bill aims to help solve cold cases

A new bill hoping to make its way through the Legislature aims to help solve the 15,000 unsolved murders across Florida since 1990. 

Should prescribing powers be expanded?

A Senate Republican on Tuesday proposed a wide-ranging health bill that includes allowing advanced-registered nurse practitioners to prescribe controlled substances.

Jeremy Harlan/CNN

Solar amendment heats up before Supreme Court

Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente, more than once Tuesday, advised lawyers that arguments about a proposed constitutional amendment to expand the use of solar energy leaned toward campaign rhetoric rather than key legal issues.

Bill would give OK to save animals from cars

People would be able to smash the windows of hot cars and remove unattended dogs or cats after getting law enforcement approval, under a bill proposed Monday.

Recent shootings inflame gun control debate

As Florida makes it more convenient for people to apply, or re-apply for concealed weapons licenses, which some state leaders are calling it smart and efficient, the national conversation continues about gun laws after two notable recent shootings, one of which was caught on live TV.

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Solar power push heads back to court

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment to expand solar energy say it may be four years before they again seek voter approval if the ballot language that goes before the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday is rejected.

Deadline looms for financial disclosures

With the deadline for local officials to file their financial disclosures having come and gone and the grace period before officials face fines for not having filed them ends Monday night, some officials still haven't filed.  

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Battles over political maps brew in courts

While the Florida Supreme Court and the Legislature grapple with how congressional districts will be drawn, more legal fights are building in federal courts.

Environmental groups sue over Amendment 1

Arguing that lawmakers "defied" a constitutional mandate, four environmental groups filed a lawsuit Friday seeking to force the state to shift $237 million to help carry out a conservation measure approved by voters in November. 

Bill would lead to exemptions from jury duty

A Central Florida lawmaker filed a proposal Friday that would lead to some people being permanently excused from jury duty if they have mental illnesses, intellectual disabilities or other conditions that make them incapable of caring for themselves.

Minimum wage increase proposed in House

A House Democrat filed a bill Friday that calls for increasing the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour.