2015 Legislative News

Senate changes health expansion plan

Describing it as a "compromise solution," Senate leaders Tuesday released a proposal that would revise their plan for extending health-care coverage to about 800,000 uninsured Floridians.

Gov. Scott allows secret recordings

Children in Florida will be able to secretly record conversations related to sexual abuse or other violent acts, while rural letter carriers won't have to wear seat belts while working their routes, under two bills signed into law Friday by Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott signs bills on carrying guns, bolstering child protection

Gov. Rick Scott signed 44 bills into law Thursday, including a measure that will allow Floridians without concealed-weapons licenses to carry guns during mandatory emergency evacuations.

New law shields military housing from taxes

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a bill (HB 361) that will make clear property taxes cannot be collected on military-base housing.

Exemption approved for body cameras

Despite objections from an open-government group, Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a bill that will create a public-records exemption for many videos recorded by police body cameras.

Feds offers $1B to solve Fla. budget mess

The Obama administration offers to extend Florida's hospital funds for another two years, but only at about half the amount the state received last year -- a deal that might help fill a $1 billion state budget hole and resolve a legislative stalemate.

Scott signs reform of local pensions

Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a long-discussed bill aimed at shoring up the finances of local pension plans for police officers and firefighters.

Pill mill regulations will remain in place

With supporters pointing to progress in the state's efforts to shut down "pill mills," Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed a bill (SB 450) that will keep in place regulations on pain-management clinics.

Secret recording bill, 19 others go to Scott

The House on Monday sent 20 bills to Gov. Rick Scott, including a measure (HB 7001) that would allow children to secretly record conversations related to sexual abuse or other violent acts.

Hospitals push back on revenue sharing

Florida hospitals fired back Monday against Gov. Rick Scott in the latest salvo over the governor's suggestion that the health-care facilities mimic professional baseball teams in sharing revenues.

Candidates make final push before election

 Jacksonville’s mayoral and sheriff’s candidates used the final night of the campaignes into make their final pitches to the voters before Tuesday’s General Election.

Legislators agree to do budget, health care

Florida's Republican-led Legislature will return to the state Capitol next month and try to do what they couldn't do during their 60-day session that crashed to a halt.