2014 Legislative News

Affordable housing funds may take hit

Affordable housing funds could be taking a hit this year and it could be because of environmental Amendment 1, but both sides say that isn't fair.

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Lawmakers wade into Amendment 1 funding

New rules for Florida waters will be one of the first bills the House takes up when the legislative session gets underway next week.


Gov. may find it tough get tax cut plans passed

Florida's gradually rebounding economy is helping swell the state's bank accounts and Republican Gov. Rick Scott has grand plans to spend it on boosting school spending and slashing taxes and fees by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Bills could make state government less open

The Florida First Amendment Foundation is tracking more than 80 bills in the Florida Legislature, some of which it says would hide important government records from public view.

Everglades advocates press state to buy land

Everglades advocates have started to roll out television, radio and Internet ads pressing the state to buy thousands of acres of land in the name of Everglades restoration.


Court upholds Florida ban on open carry

In what judges described as a first-of-its-kind case, an appeals court Wednesday upheld a Florida law that prevents people from openly carrying firearms, finding that the restriction does not violate constitutional rights to bear arms.

Senate backs plan to end speed traps

Pointing to a long-running controversy about a speed trap in the small North Florida town of Waldo, a Senate panel Wednesday approved a proposal to make clear that local police officers cannot have quotas for writing traffic tickets.

Fullwood wins House District 13 special election

Democrat Reggie Fullwood has won a special election for his former seat in the State House.

Guns-on-campus law moves forward

Florida would become the ninth state to allow students to carry concealed weapons on campus under legislation expected to be approved by the Senate Criminal Justice Committee Monday afternoon.

Lawmaker proposes new sales tax holiday

A Republican state lawmaker from Miami is proposing to make Small Business Saturday a sales tax holiday in Florida.

Abortion bill would require admit privileges

A Senate Republican on Monday filed a proposal that would require doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals if they perform abortions in Florida.

Environmentalists want better water bill

Almost everyone agrees that Florida was in desperate need of a new water policy, but even though a bill moved forward in the state legislature this week, environmentalists say there’s still a number of problems.