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Absentee voting and early voting are under way in the Nov. 6 General Election that will elect our president, U.S. senator and congressmen and congresswomen, members of the Florida Legislature, justices and judges, along with members of county commissions, school boards and dozens of other local races.
Before you vote, read about the people running for office in all counties in Channel 4's viewing area.


Florida Voters Registration By Party

11,203,064 registered voters in Florida (Nov. 2011)
Republican  Democrat  Other No party affiliation
 4,034,914  4,552,956 354,256 2,260,93

Previous Primaries

How candidates fared in contested Florida primaries in the last three election cycles.

 2012 Florida Republican Primary
 Mitt Romney46.4%
 Newt Gingrich31.9%
 Rick Santorum13.3%
 Ron Paul7.0%
 2008 Florida Republican Primary
 John McCain36.0%
 Mitt Romney31.0%
 Rudy Giulani14.7%
 2004 Florida Democratic Primary
 John Kerry77.2%
 John Edwards10.0%
 Howard Dean2.8%
 2000 Florida Republican Primary
 George W. Bush73.8%
 John McCain19.9%
 Alan Keyes4.6%
 2000 Florida Democratic Primary
 Al Gore81.8%
 Bill Bradley18.2%