Democratic National Convention

  • RNC panel to recommend site for 2016 convention

    Reince Priebus


     A Republican National Committee panel is about to choose between Dallas and Cleveland to host the Republican Party's 2016 presidential convention.

  • Kent Justice wraps up week in Charolotte

    VIDEO: Highlights from the Obama speech and other impressions from the Democratic National Convention.

  • Obama asks for 4 more years of change

    Trying to rekindle his connection with the American people after four years of recession and a slow recovery, President Barack Obama promised a better future if voters reaffirmed their commitment to his agenda.

  • DNC Wraps up

    The Democratic convention wrapped up in Charlotte, North Carolina with President Obama accepting his party's nomination for re-election.

  • Charlie Crist speaks at DNC

    Crist blasts GOP, endorses Obama

    In a highly anticipated speech to the Democratic National Convention, former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist said his old party had walked away from its roots and is now too extreme to be trusted to lead the country.

  • Final day of the convention

    VIDEO: The delegates are getting ready for the final night of the DNC.

  • DNC arena 1

    Images: Behind the scenes at the DNC

    A look at the Democratic National Convention, beyond what you see on prime-time television.

  • Day 2 of DMC a wrap; president speaks tonight

    VIDEO: After former President Bill Clinton fired up the Democrats Wednesday night, President Barack Obama speaks tonight to the Charlotte convention and a huge prime-time audience.

Blogging & Tweeting From Charlotte

Channel 4's Kent Justice is reporting from Charlotte this week, supported by WJXT political producer Eric Wallace and photojournalist Matt Kinzig. They, along with Democrat delegates Corey Wilborn and Terry Jones, will be blogging throughout the convention.

We're also pulling in tweets from the Democratic National Convention itself, the Florida Democratic Party and political reporters with CNN. We invite you to join the conversation.