What is paid search or pay per click advertising?

Paid search, PPC means Reaching Relevant customers by paying for performance.

How does it work?

Your ads will appear in front of a relevant audience when your ads relate to the search words or phrases the search engine users enter.

How am I charged for this service?

Search Engines charge advertising costs when a user clicks on the ad. You only pay to advertise direct to potential customers.

How can I reach my potential customers with paid search?

With ad creation, keyword research and budget management, you can quickly identify the best performing ads. This allows the ability to shift your advertiser's paid search budget to ads that are delivering results for one or multiple search engine platforms.

How do I get started?

WJXT is your one-stop resource for managing all aspects of paid search across multiple search engines. Our solution can provide all levels of management your company will need for ad creation, keyword research and budget management.

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