More than a year ago, I had a meeting here at the station with some terrific folks who came to tell me about an idea. Their plan was to put on an event for creators -- artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators -- to showcase their ideas and have the chance to get noticed. They told me it was their belief that game-changers could emerge from dorm rooms, garages, small studios and all that was needed was a place to do it.

It was in this meeting that I learned of One Spark for the first time, and I immediately told them, Channel 4 was in. We’re a proud sponsor of this event because we too believe there are good ideas waiting to be discovered. This week, Wednesday through Sunday, come downtown and see what it’s all about. You will have the chance to help determine which idea could get as much as $250,000 to help make it happen. It’s called crowd funding, and your vote will determine who gets funded.

This is the first year for One Spark. At that same first meeting the organizers said they wanted to help people from all over the world discover Jacksonville and make it a yearly destination for those who’d never been here before. Let’s help make sure both their goals are realized. Come downtown this weekend. You’ll be part of something we think has a chance to do great things for the place we call home.