Tragedy in Newtown

WJXT Editorial by Vice President/General Manager Bob Ellis

Published On: Dec 19 2012 05:08:16 PM EST

People in the school said they heard screaming over the building wide p.a. system. And then there was silence. And that, they said, was what was most chilling. The silence of a killer moving from room to room, broken only by gunshots. The unnatural silence of children. Today it's up to our leaders to break that silence. Its admirable President Obama and members of Congress are saddened by what happened at Sandy Hook. But more important, are they ready to really to really examine the key areas in the wake of this tragedy?

There are ways to preserve the second amendment but examine how to make our children safer. Banning assault weapons, restricting gun sales over the internet, limiting magazine size and ammunition purchases, and requiring more reliable background checks do not seem to us to get in the way of the right to bear arms.

And we need examine how we treat mental health. Why is the assassin in these cases always a troubled young person, alienated, noticed by others but was never addressed?

We need to examine the perpetuation of violence. Extremely violent video games are now so realistic they warp our sense of reality.

We need to examine it all.

Americans are ready right now to deal with the consequences, just like we accepted increased security at the airport after September 11. What's the right thing to do in response to the unacceptable? No matter what the solutions are, you start by not accepting it.