So this was Caldwell's call.

Caldwell and Mularkey spent four years together in Atlanta, getting to know each other well enough that Caldwell didn't need a sit down with Mularkey after he got the GM job Tuesday.

Fans, for the most part, say they're very happy change is on the way.

"First impression, not surprised at all after a 2-14 year," Jaguars fan Danny Smith said of Mularkey's firing. "So it's something you could anticipate with a new general manager."

"It probably needed to be done," fan Nathan Terrill added. "I know we had some injuries, but every team has injuries."

"You've got to start at the top," fan Tom Doyle said. "Since the new owner is giving a hands-off approach, the new general manager is going to have to run the whole thing."

Some fans said they thought Mularkey deserved more time, but most said it was time to clean house.

"In the business world, if you don't produce, you're out of there," Terrill said. "I don't see any difference in the sports world, especially when the head coach doesn't have anything to fall back on. I mean, if we had Bill Cowher, he's proven himself. Mularkey, what has he done? Nothing."

Potential replacements for Mularkey include former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Roman's name has been linked to the Jaguars since Caldwell became the leading candidate to replace Smith.

Roman and Caldwell were teammates and roommates in the 1990s while attending John Carroll University.