When the green was waved for the final time, there were only eight laps to go and Johnson quickly got the jump on Bowyer with Johnson beating Bowyer to the finish line by six-tenths of a second.

For Hendrick Motorsports, it was the 20th win for the organization at the track.

"I thought it was going to be a Jeff Gordon day," said Johnson of his Hendrick teammate, "as he is always really strong here on longer runs and he was really coming (with 75 laps to go). But when the caution came out (on lap 449), I knew it (the edge) had switched back to me," said Johnson.

"I have just learned that there are a lot of short runs at the end here, and I have learned how to handle that. And I thought we were the best on short runs and Chad made the right adjustment on that last stop.

"I felt at the end that if I was able to get ahead of Clint by the third corner (on the final restart), I would be able to get away from him. I have just learned how to get the most out of old tires for the short runs."

For Bowyer, he was just glad to have a shot at the win after being involved in a multicar accident on lap 180. "She (the car) was just tore up too bad," Bowyer said. "We were lucky to get back up where we had a shot at it."

Patrick was all smiles after the race even with losing the last-lap battle that cost her a spot.

"It was just nice to have a good weekend after having so many that weren't good since Daytona," said Patrick, who began the year with an eighth-place finish in the Daytona 500.

"Today was one of those days I had a good car. I think the team has a lot to be proud of. The stops were good. We just had a good car, and we kept improving. I really had a lot of fun today."