Jaguars owner Shad Khan's comments about running back Maurice Jones-Drew are reverberating a day after Khan spoke to the media.

"The train is leaving the station. Run. Get on," Khan said.

He was talking about the star player who is refusing to suit up until he receives a more favorable contract.

According to the NFL Network on Wednesday, Jones-Drew's agent has hinted the 27-year-old may be open to "bridging the gap" with the Jaguars.

Since Khan's comments, a popular thing to do online has been to superimpose pictures of Jones-Drew onto other pictures of train tracks or train stations, and Khan operating the train.

Do fans think it's evidence that Khan and the Jaguars' administration are winning the public relations battle against Jones-Drew?

"They make enough as it is," Tamara Johnson said of players like Jones-Drew who are seeking larger paychecks. "Teachers need to make more money."

"If he signs a contract he needs to stick with the contract," one fan said.

"He is a tremendous talent though. I guess he wants to get paid," said Scott Feltner, who understands both sides. "Short career, short time to earn the money."

On Wednesday morning, the popular sports website The Bleacher Report posted an article titled, "8 teams that should trade for M-J-D." With the season a little more than two weeks away, no one has any idea how the contract dispute is going to end.

John Phillips, who co-hosts a sports talk radio show with Jones-Drew's replacement, Rashad Jennings, talked Wednesday about whether the team's marquis player has played his last down in a Jaguars uniform.

"That's a tough one. If he doesn't show up really soon, he may have," Phillips said. "It's to the point now where he is going to have to show some good will. Fans will forgive you if you terminate your agent, you throw him under the bus and come in and say, 'Look, I want to be a Jaguar.'"

Another group paying close attention are fantasy football players. Jones-Drew is a big fantasy football fan, and his absence could hurt a lot of people's teams.

Kyle Breeding organizes fantasy football league's through Yahoo! Sports.

"Especially running backs, they tend to go real early, and Jones-Drew was projected as a top five running back this year," Breeding said. "But since all this has gone down, especially in the last few weeks, he's dropped down outside the top 10."

"Hopefully that one player doesn't make your whole fantasy team, but like I said, especially if you drafted him, then it's probably not a good thing that your first round pick isn't going to play for a few weeks," Breeding added.

Team spokesman Dan Edwards said there would be no other statements Wednesday from the Jaguars. So the stalemate continues.

The Jaguars play their third preseason game Thursday night at Baltimore without No. 32.