In the second squeaker Sunday, Costa Rica was all set to sail on to the quarter finals -- except Greece had other ideas in the 91st minute. The Greek goal meant the two teams tied 1-1, which led to extra time and then to penalty shootouts. Costa Rica prevailed. But it's not all bad news for the guy who tied it for the Greeks: Socratis Papastathaopoulous. Had Greece won, he'd have had to postpone his wedding.

5. Open mouth, insert foot

KLM's controversial tweet

Netherlands' win over Mexico already rubbed many the wrong way -- but then the Dutch airline decided to throw salt in the wound with a very ill-advised tweet. It showed a picture of a Departures sign with an image of a mustache and a sombrero next to it. The tweet read: "Adios Amigos!"

KLM quickly deleted the tweet -- but not before Twitter users raked the airline over the coals for its stereotyping.